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Super Mario Odyssey Sombrero Screenshot

Super Mario Odyssey Sombrero

It’s fair to say I played a LOT of Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch when it released but not nearly enough. I get sidetracked far too easily and end up collecting outfits and taking screenshots instead of playing haha, like this one of Mario … Read more

5 Must Have Geeky TShirts

5 Must Have Geeky TShirts

If a day goes by when I’m not wearing one of my geeky tshirts then chances are I’m probably ill. My wardrobe consists of a crazy amount of geeky tops, especially those from Primark, but I love to find different and unique geek fashion items … Read more

Mario kart 8 Wii U Game

Mario Kart 8 Wii U – Finally!

My lovely man wanted to take me for some ice tea by the beach this afternoon before work. We parked up and walked down to the parade of cafes and restaurants, taking in the gorgeous sandy scene when he received a text. It was GAME … Read more