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instagram is dead to me

Instagram Is Dead To Me

Instagram is dead to me! I had been weaning myself off of Instagram for the past few years it seems, trying to quit and now I’m finally over it. I’ve not looked back, although I did have a brief slip up in Summer 2023 where … Read more

I Quit Social Media

I Quit Social Media

Well, there it is. I quit social media (again) I’m sick of feeling drained, inadequate and trying to keep up with imaginary standards. The reality of going back to a flip phone is getting closer. Is it possible to be a blogger or small business … Read more

This Is Me Mrs Hinch Review

This is Me by Mrs Hinch Review

Reading Progress: 50% While I wouldn’t exactly call myself a Hincher, this book did call to me. If you aren’t familiar, This is Me by Mrs Hinch is a memoir by cleaning influencer Sophie Hinchliffe. She shot to fame on Instagram with her cleaning videos … Read more