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birthday carrot cake

Birthday Week | Grateful Bytes 03

Who says birthday celebrations have to be one day? Ever since I was a kid I’ve celebrated birthday week; Halloween, my birthday a couple days later, then bonfire night. It’s my absolute favourite time of year. 🍰 GRATEFUL BYTES 03 Welcome back to Grateful Bytes. … Read more

Early Morning Gaming Cuteek

Early Morning Gaming | Grateful Bytes 02

This week has absolutely flown by and it’s been one filled with sweet memories, walking Chester and Cooper, eating yummy food and early morning gaming. Since I started making a geek lifestyle vlog to accompany this series, I switched from photos to videos of the … Read more

october sunsets cuteek

October Sunsets | Grateful Bytes 01

Hello there! So I decided to create a new gratitude series here on Cuteek called Grateful Bytes. This is a byte sized post of things I’m grateful for throughout the week in a bid to be more mindful. I chose this name because it has … Read more