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Soup Season

Soup Season | Grateful Bytes 09

It’s technically soup season but the weather would disagree. 😅 It’s still so hot here. Plenty to be grateful for this week including better sleep and getting organized. Here’s a pic of me eating soup, watching Doctor Who in front of the Christmas tree. Cozy … Read more

I Quit Social Media

Another Trip Around The Sun | Grateful Bytes 08

As I do every year I have stretched my birthday celebrations out as much as possible because why not. I celebrated another trip around the sun. Think about that for one second… a trip around the sun! That’s kind of mind blowing and adventurous right? … Read more

gratitude journal

Gratitude Journaling | Grateful Bytes 07

Gratitude and self-care is where its at.  While my energy hasn’t really allowed anything too energetic than daily power walks I still watch content from my fave online fitness instructor Gina B at UpToTheBeatFit.  She was recently talking about gratitude journaling and why it’s important. … Read more

Zombie Flu | Grateful Bytes 05

Why is it that time stands still and flies by so quickly at the same time when you are sick? I’ve just got over the zombie flu and I feel like I’ve lost a chunk of time. What started out as a scratchy throat, turned … Read more

getting things done | an ipad on a stand, coffee cup, water in a glass and my planner is open

Getting Things Done | Grateful Bytes 04

Here we are on the 4th issue of Grateful Bytes, how time flies! While I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather this week, there’s still been some highlights and lovely moments along the way.  Despite not feeling very creative, this is the week I … Read more