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gratitude journal

I Am Grateful | Grateful Bytes 15

Here we are at Grateful Bytes issue 15! While I am grateful to have started this series, this is going to be the last one published here on Cuteek. Making these posts have definitely made me think about life and the little daily highlights that … Read more

Good Mental Health Days

Good Mental Health Days | Grateful Bytes 14

I can’t believe there’s been 14 Grateful Bytes posts now! Making weekly (trying to) gratitude posts have been really fun and mindful to do. It’s been a nice week. I’ve had some really good mental health days (these need to be celebrated)! I think my … Read more

Spring has Sprung Animal Crossing Swimming

Spring Has Sprung | Grateful Bytes 13

Hi there who’s this blogging on the day she said she would? Currently it’s Sunday afternoon, spring has sprung and I’m chilling watching Animal Crossing streams on YouTube. Would you like to see some Animal Crossing streams from me? I’m trying to figure out the … Read more

Spongebob Squarepants T-Shirt

Spongebob Theme Park | Grateful Bytes 12

It’s time for another gratitude post and I would like to have these go out on Sundays from now on, so fingers crossed I can stick to the schedule lol. I had an awesome dream that we went to a SpongeBob theme park on a … Read more

gratitude journal

Routine Girly | Grateful Bytes 11

There’s something so calming about going at my own speed. I’ve never been much of a routine girly but actually starting a morning routine makes me feel like I’m ahead of the day without rushing. While it’s lovely to have a flexi WFH schedule, it’s … Read more

Cozy Mornings with a warm sweater and hot drink

Cozy Mornings | Grateful Bytes 10

Eek, it’s been a while since the last Grateful Bytes post but I’m hoping to make them more regular again. Despite having a never ending sandstorm here, I am embracing the cozy mornings. Cozy as in 18ÂșC but I’ll take it lol. I’m holding on … Read more