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I Beat Dragaux Level 53 Ring Fit Adventure

I Beat Dragaux | Geek Week 02

Hey guess what guess what? I beat Dragaux this week! 😈 Ring Fit Adventure gamers will know what I mean. It’s Friday, it’s a cozy rainy evening and I’ve just had the nicest cheese toastie as fuel for writing this issue of Geek Week. In … Read more

Geeky Weekly 01 Fortnite

Geek Week 01 | Youtube, Eyebrows and Gaming

Welcome to a new series on Cuteek, introducing the first issue of Geek Week! This is a geek blog post that goes out on Friday (inspired by DaisyButter’s Sundaze and Fridaze by Melina Elisa. 💕 It’s a weekly round up of things that have happened … Read more