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Flambards Theme Park in the 80s Helston Cornwall

Geek Life Lately 34

I was going through some old photos and I found this pic of me and a terrifying Humpty Dumpty at Flambards Theme Park in Helston, Cornwall UK. I must be about 6 years old here and of course it’s the 80s. The dog jumper I’m …

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cuteek geek life lately 33

Geek Life Lately 33

Hello! 🤓 How are you? It’s been a while since the last Geek Life Lately, two months in fact! I’ve still been tinkering behind the scenes with the Daily Geek Blog project which archives my social media presence all the way from 2008 to 2021. …

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Bitmoji throwing up

Geek Life Lately 32

Hey! So basically I’ve spent the week on the sofa with the lurgy. Don’t worry it wasn’t THAT lurgy but a struggle all the same. In other news… I quit twitter, for real this time. Twitter was my last remaining social media account for Cuteek …

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Banjo Kazooie Witch Grunty

Geek Life Lately 31

I had all intentions of writing this Geek Life Lately yesterday but instead I watched Netflix and played video games. Sorry not sorry. Right now I’m curled up on the sofa or the soffice as I like to call it. I’m feeling a bit drained …

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Tusken Raider Star Wars GIF

Geek Life Lately 30

Greetings from Tatooine! It certainly feels like it round here with the never ending sandstorm lingering from the Sahara desert! I’m pretty sure I saw Boba Fett and his crew go past my house on speeder bikes just now. 😆 My parents spent a whole …

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3rd Vaccine

Geek Life Lately 29

Let’s set the scene. It’s 07:00am on Thursday morning, I’m listening to an 80’s playlist on Spotify and I’m freezing. This Geek Life Lately post is a few days late because a lot has been going on since my last Hello 2022 post. I won’t …

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