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Geek Life Lately

Geek Life Lately 11

Decluttering Makeup

Decluttering and a Haircut I didn’t realise it had been so long since I shared a Geek Life Lately update! What have I been doing?Well, decluttering is taking me FOREVER! What started as a Spring …

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Geek Life Lately 10

Family Reunion at the Airport

3 Kings Day and Family Time In this Geek Life Lately, we celebrated 3 Kings Day and had lots of family time. Also features a pic of my neighbour’s dog, Milkyway. Like Christmas Eve My …

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Geek Life Lately 9

Instageek | January Photo Challenge FatMumSlim 2015

Palm Trees and Santa Cat Happy New Year! After a lovely festive season, it is time for a new Geek Life Lately. When the new FatMumSlim weekly photo challenges released for January I was excited …

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Geek Life Lately 8

Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick Weirdo Hi friends, here I am ready for another Geek Life Lately! Are you getting into the spirit of Christmas yet? I’m feeling quite festive, especially since my last blog post about my …

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Geek Life Lately 7


Rambo Finds a Rat Hi friends! Greetings from my lair, I should really rename myself Vikki 3 blankets because I’m feeling like such an old lady lately with this cooler weather we are having. Without …

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Geek Life Lately 6

Storm Chasing Chihuahua Another week gone in a flash and time for another Geek Life Lately! It’s been a rainy week, with storms, floods and snow in the Canary Islands! Of course I went storm …

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Geek Life Lately 5

my instaweek

Fall TV, Mountains and Mario Kart Hi friends! Where is November going?! I’m nerding out because the weather is changing and I’m finally wearing my Mickey Mouse sweater! Without further ado, here’s the fifth edition …

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Geek Life Lately 4


Nerdvember Hi friends! Another week has passed and November is certainly whizzing by for me. Here we are, time for another Geek Life Lately post! Last week I took part in the #Nerdvember challenge, where …

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Geek Life Lately 3

Nintendo DS Spooky Cat theme

It’s Halloweek, everybody scream! Hey friends, welcome to another Geek Life Lately! With less than 10 weeks left of the year, conversation on has already turned to Christmas and all things festive, but let me …

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Geek Life Lately 2

Mickey Mouse Sweater

Autumn Zombies Phew what a week! This week has certainly had some twists and turns, but I’m going to focus on the positive if I can, because I’m still processing some things in my head. …

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