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Geek Life Lately 27

Star Wars Day 2021 Geek Tshirt

The Force Will Be With You. Always. Happy (whatever day it is when you are reading this) and welcome to another Geek Life Lately! Last week we celebrated Star Wars Day, which is really 3 …

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Geek Life Lately 26

purple Lisa Simpson Little Miss Perfect T-shirt Pull and Bear

Livin’ La Vida Furlough! It’s Sunday night, I’ve spent most of the day feeling nauseous, crampy and complaining about it. So here I am tucked in like the old lady that I am with a …

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Geek Life Lately 25

Grand Theft Auto Street Art Influencer

The week has flown by again! I no longer have any concept of time LOL but alas, it’s time for another Geek Life Lately. For now I’ve lost track of which number post this is, …

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Geek Life Lately 24

Geek Girl Standing in Front of a Purple Fountain

What day is it? No seriously though does anyone know? Anyway, I have an announcement: Geek Life Lately is back! Hurrah! So I was inspired by the amazing Creatively Cat’s new series The Sunday Diaries …

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Geek Life Lately 23

Geek Life March 2020 Goals | Cuteek Geek Lifestyle Blog

March 2020 Goals. Happy March or should I say Animal Crossing New Horizons month? haha. I’m getting a jump start on my Geek Life Lately post with some goals for the month and I’ll update …

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Geek Life Lately 22

Silky Terrier Sunbathing

Early 2020. So, I guess it’s been a while since my last Geek Life Lately update. I fully intended to write something up at the end of January and then suddenly here we are in …

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Geek Life Lately 21b

Geek Life Lately | Geek Lifestyle | Happy Little Things

Happy Little Things. This is a quick post of Happy Little Things from the week rather than my usual rambling Geek Life Lately posts. Rambo was full of energy and walking strong. We got quite …

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Geek Life Lately 21

Stabilo Pastel Highlighters Swing Cool

Back To Hogwarts. It’s Back to Hogwarts time! The season of stationery, studying and crunchy leaves! Where do I start? I’m quite busy at the moment with life and getting ready for a much needed …

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Geek Life Lately 20

Geeky Gifts

Christmas and Kings 2017-18 Happy New Year nerds! I thought I’d start off this Geek Life Lately by telling you about what I got for Christmas and 3 Kings Day. Because I live in Spain, …

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Geek Life Lately 19

Starbucks PSL and Scooby Doo Gingerbread Cookie

A Trip to England. Welcome to another Geek Life Lately! This is the one where I went to England in Autumn, had family holidays at a hotel with a waterpark, and I celebrated my birthday …

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Geek Life Lately 18

Blog and Brand Goals

Studying and Blog Goals In this edition of Geek Life Lately, I focus on studying and blog goals. In February I managed to have 10 coffees and only played video games for 5 days! What? …

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Geek Life Lately 17

Harry Potter Book Collection

Harry Potter and The Bullet Journals Geek Life Lately: the one where I invested in the full set of Harry Potter books, went to see Rogue One at the cinema, got zombie flu and made …

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Geek Life Lately 16

Fuerteventura Squirrel

OK wow. Where do I begin? Talk about taking a blogging sabbatical or what? Excuse me while I blow the dust off the blog and present you with my Geek Life Lately Summer 2016 edition. …

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Geek Life Lately 15

Twitter for iPhone

RIP Twitter and Fitbit News! Yikes! This week went by so quickly, which means it’s time for another Geek Life Lately. Let’s get right down to brass tacks. Wallets are still hot from pre-orders of …

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