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Animal Crossing New Horizons Ghost Sweater

ACNH Ghost Sweater

New ghosty sweater, who dis? 👻 This adorable purple sweater with cute little ghost was made by MaggieCrossings. I think it goes so well with the black pleather pants, pink hair and Frankenstein green face makeup. This is perfect for Halloween or if like me …

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Grand Theft Auto Bertolt Beach House Yellow Stairs

GTAV Bertolt Beach House Yellow Stairs

The iconic yellow staircase of Bertolt Beach House in Pacific Bluffs Los Santos. A tiny ginger cat is taking a much needed nap at the bottom of the stairs. The house has 2 floors and is next door to the pink and purple Barbie House. …

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Mount Zonah Medical Center Rockford Hills Los Santos GTAV

GTAV Mount Zonah Medical Center

The sun sets between buildings and palm trees behind Mount Zonah Medical Center in Rockford Hills (the Beverly Hills of Los Santos). I liked this shot as the Emergency sign is cut off and says EMERGE, which I think is a good ‘phoenix rising from …

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Grand Theft Auto Sunset at Del Perro Beach

GTAV Del Perro Beach Sunset

A beautiful orange sunset to end the day at Del Perro Beach. The smell of BBQ lingers in the air as the sun makes the Ocean sparkle with the promise of tomorrow. A fresh new day in Los Santos is waiting. More Grand Theft Auto …

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Grape Harvest Basket

ACNH Grape Harvest Basket

Always be grapeful. 🍇 It’s time to get harvesting those grapes with this adorable Grape Harvest Basket. This sweet wooden barrel style basket filled with juicy purple grapes is available until 30th September 2020. This exclusive item is for the Grape Harvest Festival and is …

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Hammerhead Shark

ACNH Hammerhead Shark

I hit the nail on the head! I was taking a break from some night diving last night, in a full storm btw, when I saw a big fish. I swam back to the South-West beach and quickly cast my fishing rod to the large …

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