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Fall Guys Clan of Yeetus

Fall Guys Clan of Yeetus Event

Stop! Hammertime! It’s time to become the ultimate bonk champ 😆 Fall Guys Clan of Yeetus is a limited time event from July 28th – August 1st 2022. Fellow Fall Guys players who struggle to get through a map without getting smashed, bonked or yeeted … Read more

Win Fall Guys Summer Squads

How To Win Fall Guys Summer Squads

Sun’s out, fun’s IN! Summer is here and it’s time to have some fun in the sun playing Fall Guys Summer Squads. You can either join a random squad or play with your friends, it’s up to you. With summer themed goodies, free Kudos and … Read more

Fall Guys Pusheen Outfits

How to Unlock Fall Guys Pusheen Skins

Too Cute!!! Fall Guys Pusheen Skins are available from 14th-18th July in the Fall Guys store. You can buy the full Pusheen and Super Pusheenicorn outfits or just tops or bottoms, there is also an adorable Pusheen emote. If you buy the bundle you will … Read more

Playing Fall Guys for the first time | Cuteek

Playing Fall Guys For The First Time

Here it is, me playing Fall Guys for the first time ever. There’s no commentary on this, it was the first of many test streams after I decided that Fall Guys is the perfect game to play on livestream. Do you remember the first time … Read more

Fall Guys Season 4 Loading Screen

Fall Guys Review

What is Fall Guys all about? So I’ve tried a few times to explain this to friends and family and the best way to describe Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is, a cross between Squid Game, Takeshi’s castle and 90s Gladiators. You play as a simple … Read more