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Happy Birthday Duolingo June 19 2021

Happy Birthday Duolingo

Happy Birthday Duolingo! It’s Duolingo‘s 9th Birthday! I’ve been using Duolingo for quite a few years now (combined with in person classes at the language school) it’s my favourite free language learning app. It’s only …

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Aching All Over June 18 2021

Ring Fit Adventure Level 14

Aching All Over The past few days I’ve really gotten serious about working out and today I’m aching all over. I updated my FitBy40 page with today’s weigh-in, which I’m sharing every Friday. I only …

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CSS Penguin June 17 2021

CSS Penguin

On This Day 2020 Random Thoughts The state of alarm in Spain is ending in 2 days. Apparently the mask rule will stay after the state of alarm finishes. I went clothes shopping for first …

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Kitty Lorem Ipsum June 16 2021

Kitty Lorem Ipsum

On This Day 2018 100 Days Of Code: Day 1 Round 2 I’ve completed Basic HTML and HTML5 with freeCodeCamp. Now onto Basic CSS for a refresher. The Diary of a Social Media Manager Facebook …

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Nintendo Direct E3 June 15 2021

Nintendo Direct E3 2021

Nintendo Direct E3 June 2021 I have to say I was a bit bored by today’s Nintendo Direct. Yes there were some great titles released but only a few of them really caught my eye …

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Family Tech Support June 14 2021

Jim Carrey Liar Liar Frustrated GIF

Family Tech Support My Dad phoned me (the family tech support) to say he’s installed MacKeeper and he’s tried clicking and dragging it down into trash but it keeps loading back up again. 😅 me: …

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Lazy Sunday June 13 2021

Spyro Reignited Trilogy Menu Screen

Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon Where have my posts been the last few days? Good question, I’m having problems accessing my social media archives, Twitter in particular. I requested my archive and no matter what …

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Stuff Duolingo Says June 12 2021

Stuff Duolingo Says

Stuff Duolingo Says! Duolingo Stories have me in hysterics! I like to think in an alternate universe that Brenda did in fact eat forty cakes. Really looking forward to the next story titled ‘Locked Bathroom’. …

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National Iced Tea Day June 10 2021

National Ice Tea Day | Arizona Tea

Happy National Iced Tea Day 🍹 There really is a day for everything. Happy National Iced Tea Day! I’m currently chugging water as it’s extremely hot here but I also have a green pomegranate Arizona …

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An Early Night June 08 2021

Nintendo Switch and Firgas Volcano Sparkling Water from Canary Islands

An Early Night. There’s a nice breeze coming in through the mosquito mesh and I’m enjoying an early night. Today I did my Ring Fit Adventure workout, enjoyed a coffee date and walk with E …

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Getting Stuff Done June 07 2021

The Sims Mobile Checking The Fridge

Getting Stuff Done! Writing this as I sip my coffee, hoping that this tension headache goes soon. I think it’s to do with the weather as it’s suddenly gone very cloudy and we are expecting …

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Super Sunday June 06 2021

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Creepy Toilet

Super Sunday. I’ve just woken up from a lovely 45 minute siesta and realised I hadn’t blogged today. I don’t feel obliged or anything, I’m just really enjoying this new Daily Geek Blog series and …

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