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Day 49 Spain Lockdown

Spain Lockdown Day 49 | Girl Wearing Mask

2nd May 2020 | First Walk in 7 Weeks! Today I’m happy AND I finally got a mask! This is my first walk outside in 7 weeks. It’s day 49 of the lockdown in Spain …

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Day 45 Spain Lockdown

Uncharted Drakes Fortune Elena Fisher Beach

28th April 2020 | Full Lockdown. That feeling when you live by the beach but you can’t go near it because you are on full lockdown. Being outside (away from other people) would really do …

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Day 41 Spain Lockdown

Spain Lockdown Day 41 | Chicken Salad with a glass of Clipper Fresa

24th April 2020 | Animal Crossing All Day! We are 41 days into our lockdown. I’ve mostly been playing Animal Crossing all day and who can blame me? We’ve been having plenty of snugs with …

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Day 37 Spain Lockdown

Spain Lockdown Day 37 | Girl Wearing Mask

20th April 2020 | Scared to leave the house. It’s my first time leaving the house since Wednesday. I took the bins out to the containers in the next street, which was nerve wracking. My …

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Day 30 Spain Lockdown

DeLonghi Nespresso Machine

13th April 2020 | Coffee time! It’s day 30 of the Lockdown in Spain and we are really missing going out for our daily coffees. Luckily just before lockdown we ordered this DeLonghi Nespresso machine. …

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Day 26 Spain Lockdown

Spain Lockdown Day 26 | Coffee Dates at Home

9th April 2020 | Coffee Dates at Home Going out for coffee everyday is the social norm for us. Here in Gran Canaria, Spain a proper cup of coffee costs about 1€ from a local …

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