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Khan Academy CSS Layout | Computer Programming Course

Studying CSS + Fiesta Weekend

Hello there! It’s a fiesta day here for Día de Trabajador and Mother’s Day tomorrow. Hope you have a great weekend! What will you be playing? I’m going to check out the new PS Plus games for May. I just need a bit of motivation … Read more

Intro to Coding and Design Future Learn Course

Intro to Coding and Design Free Course

Intro to Coding and Design Course with Future Learn I needed something challenging to keep my mind off of things so I enrolled in Intro to Coding and Design with Future Learn. I heard about Future Learn via a friend and decided to check it … Read more

100 Days of Code Challenge | Learn to code for free

100 Days of Code

I’m hoping the 100 Days of Code challenge is going to help me manage my anxiety and stress that seem to have been taking over lately. It’s feels like 84 years since I last wrote a blog post on here so please bear with me … Read more

Free Online Coding Courses

Free Online Coding Courses + My Coding Journal

Do you want to learn to code but have no idea where to start? I want to share with you some awesome free online coding courses and resources that I’ve found very helpful in my learning journey. This is also going to be a coding … Read more