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Milka Advent Calendar

Happy December | The Daily Geek 336

Happy December 1st everyone! Staying indoors, inhaling luxury advent calendar chocolate is such a mood. Best paired with cozy socks and loungewear. There’s nothing like a fancy Milka advent calendar to start the month. 😊 Swiss chocolate is delicious. Milk chocolate Lindors by Lindt are … Read more

Geek Life Lately 28

Happy New Year! Somehow time has passed and suddenly hello 2022! My brain still seems to be stuck in a loop somewhere in 2019. 😅 I hope you are enjoying the holidays! We exchange gifts on 6th January in Spain so I still need to … Read more

5 Disney Christmas Tree Ornaments

5 Best Disney Christmas Tree Ornaments

When my BF and I visited Disneyland Paris a couple of years ago, we were lucky to experience 2 seasons – Halloween and Christmas. If you go around the 1st week in November it’s a mixture of pumpkins and glittery snow. If you have ever … Read more