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Geek Life Lately 28

Happy New Year! Somehow time has passed and suddenly hello 2022! My brain still seems to be stuck in a loop somewhere in 2019. 😅 I hope you are enjoying the holidays! We exchange gifts …

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Happy New Years Eve

Star Wars A New Hope

Happy New Years Eve and welcome to the last blog post of 2021 here on Cuteek.com I hope you are well and that 2022 finds you safe and healthy. May The Force Be With You! …

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Happy 6th Day of Christmas

Zombie model gif

Tis the season to be jolly! Happy 6th Day of Christmas. Although I’m not feeling so jolly right now. It’s 06:30am and I’ve woken up with kidney pains so while I wait for the medicine …

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Happy 4th Day of Christmas

Baby Yoda Christmas GIF

Happy 4th day of Christmas! Is this another Star Wars holiday? If not it should be 😅 You’ve probably heard me saying this before on the blog but we don’t exchange gifts in Spain until …

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Happy Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve! I’m currently working on my night cheese and watching Christmas films with my parents. Earlier today I was in a bit of a Grinch mood, mostly thinking about how much I miss …

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Happy Christmas Eve Eve

Happy Christmas Eve Eve Friends GIF

Do you feel like December has gone really fast? Here we are already on the 23rd aka Happy Christmas Eve Eve! 😄 I woke up at 5am this morning and after binge-watching 3 episodes of …

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The One Where We Got Kicked Out Of McDonalds

Kicked out of McDonalds

Hands up if you’ve ever been kicked out of McDonalds? *slowly raises hand* I will definitely have to consult my college friends, but I’m PRETTY sure this is a first for me. 😆 After some …

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Happy December!

Milka Advent Calendar

Happy December 1st everyone! I’m feeling fancy with my Milka advent calendar. 😊 It’s Swiss chocolate and it’s delicious. Milk chocolate Lindors by Lindt are also my go to Christmas chocolates. What are yours? I …

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5 Best Disney Christmas Tree Ornaments

5 Disney Christmas Tree Ornaments

When my BF and I visited Disneyland Paris a couple of years ago, we were lucky to experience 2 seasons – Halloween and Christmas. If you go around the 1st week in November it’s a …

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