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Tom Nook amiibo Green Sweater | Animal Crossing

Tom Nook amiibo

I’ll be there with Bells on! Ho ho! The Tom Nook amiibo is super photogenic, which is great because I haven’t stopped taking pics of him. He’s the perfect addition to any Animal Crossing amiibo collection. This is a rather serious look for him compared … Read more

Animal Crossing New Horizons Zipper Bunny Day

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Wondering how to catch sharks in Animal Crossing New Horizons? What to do when there’s a flea outbreak or you need inspiring island ideas? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve now racked up thousands of hours on my own island, so I’d like to … Read more

Animal Crossing Journal

Animal Crossing Journal

Are you struggling to keep track of event items or crafts in Animal Crossing New Horizons? I’ve got you covered, all you need is a notebook and your favourite pens to make this Animal Crossing journal. You can even decorated it with stickers or if … Read more

Animal Crossing New Horizons Ghost Sweater

ACNH Ghost Sweater

New ghosty sweater, who dis? 👻 This adorable purple sweater with cute little ghost was made by MaggieCrossings. I think it goes so well with the black pleather pants, pink hair and Frankenstein green face makeup. This is perfect for Halloween or if like me … Read more

Animal Crossing New Horizons T-shirt | ACNH Day One

ACNH Day One

I’m going on an adventure! It’s always a good time to escape into the world of Animal Crossing New Horizons. So, I thought I’d share my ACNH Day one adventures with you which actually began late at night on 19th March 2020. I made all … Read more

Animal Crossing New Horizons Grape Harvest Basket

ACNH Grape Harvest Basket

Always be grapeful. 🍇 It’s time to get harvesting those grapes with this adorable Grape Harvest Basket. This sweet wooden barrel style basket filled with juicy purple grapes is available until 30th September 2020. This exclusive item is for the Grape Harvest Festival and is … Read more