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Sweaty Summer

Will I every stop sweating? 😅 I was out early on the sports track this morning and was tricked into thinking I wasn’t going to sweat much with it being cloudy. Hah. No such luck. This is a very sweaty summer so far, but I’m feeling good for getting up early. Also I was just going through my journal and August just popped out of nowhere? Hello?

Bitmoji Sweating
sweaty summer

This means I have 3 months left of my Fit By 40 challenge. Of course I’ll continue with a healthier lifestyle after that but I’m trying my best. From my experience so far, it takes the first couple of months to get your head in the game and learn the new habits, plus the discipline to keep going after one of those days where you just feel like quitting. Fingers crossed my new early morning workouts are going to help reset my metabolism too.

It’s nice to get to midday and have so much stuff done, in our old routine I was only just finishing up breakfast and getting started by now. Right now I’m writing while listening to Reggae Classics on Spotify with the AC on full blast. 🤗 Oh and I watched the Season 2 Finale of Never Have I Ever (Netflix) over breakfast. Such a bingeable series, have you seen it?

Have a great Friday! Any plans for the weekend?

On This Day 2019

App idea: Trip Advisor but for nursing homes. I can’t seem to find ANY information on the place my Nan has been sent to other than the official blurb. Wouldn’t it be good to know what the actual residents think of the place, rather than how it’s rated by an assessor who only visits when it’s just been cleaned up?

On This Day 2017

  • Made the mistake of looking at washi tape on Amazon…. I want it all! 😍
  • Throwback memories of reading The Worst Witch books in the 80’s. Miss Cackle’s Academy was my Hogwarts.
  • Speaking of which or should I say witch (LOL) Amazon keeps suggesting I buy some Luna Lovegood Spectra Specs. 😂
  • I better get reading my Harry Potter books so I can find out more. I haven’t met Luna in the books yet. Her Funko Pop with the strawberry earrings is adorable.
  • I’m reading Goblet of Fire. (The Quidditch World Cup just started) I really want to watch the film but from what I read in chapter 1 the snakes are too much for me…Cartoon ones don’t bother me anymore but I heard the CGI is pretty real looking.
  • I’ve had a snake phobia since I was 2. I can cope with lizards (had to adapt living here in the Canary Islands) but remove their legs and NOPE. 😬
  • Moving from a basic Primark lined notebook into my first Leuchtturm 1917. I’m squeezing August into the last few pages of my journal then I’ll starts September fresh in my new one. Does anyone else like to start a new journal in September?

On This Day 2016

I just had a ton of spam accounts follow me on Instagram after I used a Pokémon hashtag. Proceeded to block them all so they don’t mess with my numbers.

On This Day 2013

  • Minimalism
    • Having a clear out of my unwanted clothes. Seriously there are things that I haven’t worn in years!
    • I get too attached to my clothes, it’s like saying a little farewell to each top haha.
  • Watching
    • I love watching Hotel Hell, especially when Gordon Ramsay has a go at the kitchen and the whole hotel. 😂