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Sweaty Social Media Manager + Day 10 of Ring Fit Challenge

LOL just call me the sweaty social media manager! Today went to a hotel for an upcoming project, there was a lot of walking involved in 30ºC+ degrees but I was in my element, happily taking photos and videos.

Palm Tree and Turquoise Sky
one of my fave palm tree pics

It was sweaty work (especially in my mask) but it was nice to be out in the fresh air with the sound of people enjoying their holidays and a beautiful location. 🌴

Geek Fit

  • My hotel adventure earned me 4,000 steps 😀
  • We didn’t go for an evening walk but we ate very healthily today and we’re on day 10 of the Ring Fit Adventure Club challenge.
  • I can’t believe we’re at day 10 already. That’s flown by so quickly! Also where has August gone?
  • I’m trying to figure out the fitness challenge for September. I like the idea of mixing the Ring Fit with other gaming/non-gaming workouts.
  • It will run for 30 days, I know that much, but I really like the idea of combining different workouts, for convenience and to keep it fresh.
  • The idea is to just keep moving in the month of September and check in on twitter even if we can’t make the workout that day. What do you think? I’ve asked on Twitter, so once we figure it out, I’ll make a blog post as reference, I don’t want it to be too complicated.

Sportan Waters

Ring Fit Adventure Level 24
ok I’m getting sillier with these after workout pics now 😂
  • Fit By 40Day 10/14 Ring Fit Adventure Challenge
    • Yayy, I reached LEVEL 24!!!
    • I did some paddle boarding or river rowing using the Abdominal Press and Twist. I really enjoyed this Fit Skill!
    • This level wasn’t too bad, although I forgot to get rid of the Plank from my skill set and was confronted with a bunch of yellow monsters. I did use the Thigh Press and I pressed so hard the Ring flew out of my thighs haha. Actually looking forward to more leg work like this.
    • After some hard work I spent some coins in the shop and treated myself to the Misty Athlete outfit and trainers. It reminded me that maybe I need to invest in some real life workout gear. I’ll have a look in Lefties next week.
    • If I get a good sleep I might do tomorrow’s workout before breakfast tomorrow. There’s a Dragaux battle on the horizon and I know I won’t be able to do it on a full stomach. Wish me luck. 😄