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Supermario TShirt with Sweatpants

What can I say, my dress sense is amazing. My OOTD or Outfit of the Day (don’t worry I had to Google it too once) for today is pretty much the norm a black with neon SuperMario and Yoshi t-shirt with hot pink velour sweatpants.

Super mario t-shirt

Oh and I also have on my pink Adidas Originals – I’m comfy and repping the cute geeks! I have a ‘thing’ for tshirts, love the logo t-shirts and anything with characters on like Mario, Angry Birds or Barbie.

Pink Adidas

No watch as I’ve been doing a lot of typing today and it annoys me when I’m on the computer. But if I was wearing a watch it would be my Barbie candy pink watch.

What do you like to wear to blog or chill out on a Saturday afternoon? Sometimes I blog in my pj’s too! 😀