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Sunday Lunch Island Style | Geek Blog 130

Sunday lunch island style. We make our baked potatoes in the air fryer, served with grilled chicken and salad. It’s so delicious and perfect for these hot Summer days.

Air Fried Potatoes, Grilled Chicken and Salad on blue plate
Sunday Lunch Island Style

On This Day 2023

  • Playing season 3 of Fall Guys for the last time! So hyped for season 4!
  • WE HAVE A NEW WEBCAM! I’m nervous excited to do my first proper stream with face cam!
  • Spent some time this afternoon trying to reclaim my original @cuteek Twitter handle, no joy.

On This Day 2021

  • Random Thoughts
    • I’m not looking forward to going back to ‘two kisses’ here whenever you see someone you vaguely know. It’s going to be so weird!!! I can’t believe I used to put my face on other peoples faces on the reg. 🤢
    • It’s so strange because it’s part of the culture here, never thought fist bumps would catch on like they have.
    • Why are there so many different days for Mother’s Day? It would be great to have one Universal date for it.
    • Sunday memories: Hastily scribbled homework with the Antiques Roadshow as a soundtrack.
    • I’m chilling today and catching up on reading blog posts.
  • Gaming
    • Totally forgot to mention, there’s no stream today. I did do a special stream on Star Wars Day though. Been suffering with migraine/toothache on and off all week so today I’ve been catching up on ‘work work’ got to get ready for the tourists.. eventually.

On This Day 2019

  • I just want an Animal Crossing Switch bundle announced on June 11th. Is that too much to ask? I’d love teal, mint, lilac or some kind of AC pattern. I am so for pastels designs.
  • Rethinking my whole blog 🤔

On This Day 2018

I’ve been creating content online since 2004. I started blogging on Geocities and MySpace. 😊

On This Day 2016

Woohoo, just subscribed to Blogosphere Magazine. I really enjoyed the Lily Pebbles edition, can’t wait for more!

On This Day 2014

  • Watching
    • It’s Once Upon a Time, time 😊
    • I’m on Season 1 Ep 12! Love it so much though! This is Belle’s first episode.