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Sunbathing on the Roof

Hello there! This morning I completed the 10 Minute Morning Energiser Walk by Up To The BEat Fit on YouTube. After a bit of work on the computer I decided to get 20 minutes of sun on our roof garden while listening to a Summer playlist on Spotify. I can’t remember the last time I lay out in the sun, it must be years ago, it was quite nice actually. Aside from my everyday hotdog arms tan, I’m very pale. Fake tan is my go to, and I’m hoping this will blend it in a bit. 😅

Tonight E surprised me with a McDonalds picnic at the harbour, we watched the sunset and listened to our favourite playlist as we ate our burgers. It was so sweet. 💜

Palm Tree and Turquoise Sky

On This Day 2018

  • I’m looking forward to going back to Spanish school after the summer.
  • Going to a language class is such a great feeling.
  • The class is only small so we get a lot done and it’s nice to listen/chat with other people. I also study online and speak it every day.
  • Getting there, but I guess it’s something that I have to work on forever.

On This Day 2017

  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager (also blogger and digital marketer)

How much would you charge per sponsored post if you had a following of 10,000 on Instagram?

From my digital marketing perspective, it would depend more on the engagement and if those followers are genuine accounts or bought bots. An account with about 18k followers probably has around 1k likes per post. I think those are better metrics to follow. Add algorithm into the mix, plus post frequency too.

EA Star Wars on Instagram has 450k followers but an average of 20k likes per post. So in reality their reach is 20k but then ROI is another thing altogether. Age/demographic/income.. all factor in. Also does the Influencer budget part of their fee for targeted ads? That would make a difference. Are the brand getting quality reach?

I find instagram an enjoyable and positive platform. (Future me is cringing at this statement) 😆 My recently decluttered Twitter feed is pretty awesome too. The mute button is great! 😜

On This Day 2016

  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • Instagram Stories was released yesterday which people are saying is copying Snapchat’s disappearing snaps. I have 2 Snapchat accounts, logging in and out was a pain. Instagram for the win!
    • Speaking of which, did anyone complain about Snapchat copying Instagram when they released the update to let you upload from the camera roll?