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Summer Sale

Today we finally got round to going on our clothes shopping trip AKA running round LEFTIES grabbing whatever looked cute and then out within 15 mins. I actually picked up some really nice things in the summer sale and even the non sale items were a great price too.

Lefties Shopping Haul Summer 2021
my aesthetic in a nutshell ;D

It’s pretty funny that trousers I picked out look so much shorter online but they looked nice on me anyway. I need to go back and quickly exchange a few things, the grey Mickey ears joggers were oversized so I need to go down a size in those and grab the sweater to match. I think I might pick up some high tops when I go back, they look so good.

Most of the winter items are in the sale right now and I love me a sporty outfit. I’ve had my eye on the lime green trackies for a while and nabbed a cute lilac Hello Kitty crop top too. I wouldn’t usually go for crop tops but this is actually the perfect length for me as I’m so short. I also grabbed some tropical leaf print trousers, some black culottes and a basic black sports bra and leggings not pictured.

I haven’t been clothes shopping in so long, living that furlough life since March 2020 so we’ve been VERY frugal (more than usual) and basically living in the same stuff.

Have you managed to pick up anything nice in the summer sales, online or in store?

On This Day 2020

Why am I watching Contagion? 🙈 We watched it just before lockdown started here in Spain and it’s definitely scarier the second time round seeing real life headed the same way as the film.

On This Day 2019

Loving this free Stranger Things theme for PS4! The icons are so cool. I might need to watch a season 2 recap before bingeing season 3! It’s been a while.

Stranger Things PS4 Theme
Free Stranger Things PS4 Theme

On This Day 2018

  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • Do you have the new Instagram Music option in your IG Stories yet? It’s pretty good.
    • I haven’t really used IGTV much, I’ve uploaded one video but still need look into it.
    • I had dream about coding last night. I take it as a good sign. My Spanish tutor says it’s a good thing when we dream in the language we are learning as we are beginning to think in that language too and truly understand it. Could it be the same for code?
    • Back when I was posting blogging tips, the sidetweets directed at me were sneaky AF. That’s when I have to hit the unfollow/mute/block button.

I’ve packed the duvet away (we have the lightest one possible from IKEA) until October-ish. Until then I just use the duvet covers so the monsters don’t get me while I sleep. Haha.

Summertime by The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff is one of my all time fave songs! “Drums please……!”

On This Day 2017

  • Watching
    • Started watching And Then There Were None. So much mystery, can’t wait to see episodes 2 and 3! I haven’t seen the old version so this is all new to me. I was really impressed with episode one. Love the characters.
    • I have 3 theories: the island is hell, old dude is killer, new killer each time – old dude last dies natural causes = none
    • Well I was sort of almost right with my theories!!! Looks like 7 years of watching PLL has paid off hahaha.
    • Was the whole thing just to put Vera to justice or….?
    • I though it was incredibly well done! The mystery kept going until the end. Even though I had my theories, it was still unpredictable!
    • I’m really excited about Murder on The Orient Express film out later this year. I haven’t read the book of that either.