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Fuerteventura Squirrel

Summer 2016 | Geek Life Lately 16

Talk about taking a blogging sabbatical or what? Excuse me while I blow the dust off the blog and present you with my Geek Life Lately Summer 2016 edition. So much has happened since my last blog post which was in May! Yikes. I was awake at 4am this morning ...

Talk about taking a blogging sabbatical or what? Excuse me while I blow the dust off the blog and present you with my Geek Life Lately Summer 2016 edition.

So much has happened since my last blog post which was in May! Yikes. I was awake at 4am this morning writing this post in my head. Why is it so difficult to get back into blogging after a break?

Without further ado, here is what I’ve been up to all Summer.


Ah the start of Summer and I finally saw some weight loss. A combo of cycling and increasing my step goal, thanks Fitbit! I was feeling good until I had a few bad days and ended up spending the WHOLE DAY in hospital having my kidney function checked.

Looking back, I’ve spent most of the Summer feeling ropey but it’s been manageable with self care and rest days. Those rest days were perfect for binging on The 100. It’s excellent, have you seen it?

Trip to Fuerteventura

The weather started heating up here in the Canary Islands, so my Fiancé and I thought it was the perfect time to take a trip and sail to Fuerteventura. This was our second visit and it was fantastic. I can still picture the clear, crystal blue water lapping up onto the sand. They call Fuerteventura Europe’s Hawaii, which is another place I would love to visit.

Fuerteventura Squirrel

This trip totally deserves it’s own blog post so I will post a link here when it’s ready. We sailed into Jandía where we spent one night in the Barcelo Jandía Playa, then took a road trip north to discover the rest of the island. I took a 2 hour video time-lapse of our drive on my GoPro, which I can’t wait to edit and share. Did I tell you about the squirrels? There were so many wild squirrels right on the beach!

Blog Makeover

June was also the month when I decided to turn Cuteek.com around. I have a vision for it and you might notice that the design has completely changed. I’ll let you know more about the makeover when it’s complete, it will be awesome I promise.


My Spring cleaning started late this year, but once I got into the swing of things I de-cluttered in a way that would make Marie Kondo proud. I knew I had 4 weeks until my parents arrived for their Summer holidays so there was much to do, including taking our old TV of 12 years to the recycling tip.

Bloody Brexit

This was also the month of Brexit. In preparation I had deleted all but 4 people from my personal Facebook account. It wasn’t just the politics but also information overload that inspired me to have a clear out. My Fiancé and I stayed up until the early hours of the EU Referendum results day to see what would happen.

I really didn’t think Vote Leave would win. It was quite upsetting and I spent a lot of time worrying that I would be deported from Spain back to the UK. Spain has been my home for well over a decade! I’m not going anywhere.


Ah all of the purchases. We traded in some old games and bought Uncharted 4 and Agatha Christie ABC Murders for PS4. I’ve yet to play Uncharted but I did complete Agatha Christie. It’s my kind of game and Hercule Poirot is so sassy it’s hilarious.

Skechers Floral Glider Posies

You might have seen my snazzy new Skechers on instagram, how amazing are they? One thing I love is that they are so easy to slip on and there are no laces to mess with. Oh that and the magical memory foam, makes it feel like I’m walking on clouds.


By the beginning of July I had just two weeks to get the guest bedroom ready for the arrival of the parents and still had so much to do. Despite this, I made sure to take plenty of sunset walks and enjoyed some quality me time. 20 minutes before picking my parents up from the airport I was giving the fridge a last minute clean, and sliced my finger open! That’s what happens when you clean guys! 🙂

This was the month that Pokémon Go was released. It wasn’t out in Spain until later in the month and then I didn’t really play that much because I felt rude playing while my parents were here. They did get in on the fun when I took pics of them with Magikarp and Psyduck though. Hehe. FYI because I was late to the party, I got all the Pokemon Go tips and Pikachu was my starter Pokemon. Ha! 😀

Nutella Crepe

We had a lovely 2 weeks family time together, my brother even flew over as a surprise. Over the couple weeks we ate plenty of crepes, waffles and delicious seafood at my Dad’s favourite restaurant. It was nice seeing the island through their eyes and one of the best days was going for a 6pm swim. The temperature has been about 36º-39ºC degrees and it was just so nice running into the sea to cool down.


I ordered this GoPro kit from Amazon, which included so many gadgets and gizmos (a plenty) that I still haven’t tested them all out. The plan was to make some underwater videos but I’ve yet to do that.

Despite having a bit of a video game backlog, I picked up the new Sherlock Holmes Devil’s Daughter game. It’s a little bit like Grand Theft Auto meets Victorian England. Haha. I still need to play some more of this but it’s an excellent game from what I’ve played.


July began my crazy binge-fest of Gilmore Girls. There was hype about the Gilmore Girls Revival on twitter and I was like what is this show? I missed it first time round, so Netflix was my friend. My parents couldn’t stand Lorelai Gilmore’s fast talking and so we discovered Stranger Things and watched an episode of that everyday during siesta. Oh wow! I’m waiting impatiently for season 2 already! It was the perfect nod to the 80’s and added it’s own sprinkle of awesome sauce at the same time.

Stranger Things GIF Dungeons and Dragons


Well done if you are still reading! Thanks for sticking round. I’m writing this on the last day of August and I’m totally OVER the Summer now. It’s been a very stressful month, Rambo our Silky Terrier had knee surgery, the fridge broke and it was just too hot (we don’t have air con).

It was also our anniversary in August, we went for a lovely tapas meal with our favourite chocolate cake for dessert. 🙂


Because Rambo needed rest, we watched a LOT of Gilmore Girls together. I don’t think he was impressed hehe. I heard that Lauren Graham, the actress who plays Lorelai on the show, had written a book, so of course I pre-ordered it on Amazon.


Prior to the poor dog hurting his leg and vet bills, I’d splurged on a DX Racer gaming chair. I’ve wanted one for so long and because of my kidney/back pain I needed a comfy chair. Luckily we managed to fix the fridge and avoided buying a new one for now.

To escape the heat and sandstorm, we went to a huge shopping mall yesterday. There were back to school signs everywhere, which means…..STATIONERY! I picked up some Frixion color pens and some Bic Cristal Fun pens. They are so pretty and great to write with. I will give them a proper test out when I write letters to my pen pals this week.

Frixion Colors Pens

In other news: The other day I watched Stand By Me and consumed an epic amount of Feta cheese which IS THE ACTUAL DEVIL. It was great while I was eating it but the next day it made me so ill. Stupid lactose/cheese sensitivity.

So that about wraps it up. It’s been a long Summer, but now I’m ready for the weather to cool down a bit, some rain would be lovely!

What have you been up to this Summer? I’m sorry it’s taken so long for me to write a post but I would love to hear from you in the comments and I promise I will be doing some blog surfing soon.

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 🏝

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