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Stuff Duolingo Says

Stuff Duolingo Says!

Duolingo Stories have me in hysterics! I like to think in an alternate universe that Brenda did in fact eat forty cakes. Really looking forward to the next story titled ‘Locked Bathroom’. I love a good toilet joke.

Stuff Duolingo Says
Forty cakes sound good LOL

On This Day 2018

Why is everyone kicking off about pancakes? 🥞 Turns out it was something to do with a diner called IHOP which I know nothing about because we don’t have one here LOL. Ah the internet is so American sometimes.

Tom Nook is coming after us all.

  • Gaming
    • Why is Fortnite on Switch not available in Spain eShop? *cries in Spanish*
    • I got it!
    • Oh well the hype was good while it lasted. Seems that my current Fortnite⁠ ⁠account won’t log into Switch because it’s linked with my PS4 so I will need to make a separate account for the Switch????! Apparently Sony don’t want crossplay! 🙁
    • I made a second account in the end. I haven’t spent any money on it so far so I’m not that bothered really but must be a pain in the butt for those who have spent a lot on DLCs.
Fortnite Crossplay
Fortnite crossplay login failed

On This Day 2017

  • LOL you can buy Mini Eggs On Holiday! Great news if you have run out of your Easter stash.
  • The PlayStation E3 presentation is on so late. I will watch tomorrow, need sleep.

On This Day 2016

Rambo is 12 now and we have kept one of his little teeth. It fell out when he was chasing the mop as a tiny puppy. 😍

On This Day 2012

Normally scared of eyeliner but my new one from MUA cosmetics is great for eyeliner noobs like me, nice to have a new look. In love with it, still a bit wobbly on applying it but getting there LOL.