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Studying CSS + Fiesta Weekend

Hello there! It’s a fiesta day here for Día de Trabajador and Mother’s Day tomorrow. Hope you have a great weekend! What will you be playing? I’m going to check out the new PS Plus games for May.

I just need a bit of motivation to clean and do stuff. I stopped for siesta and couldn’t get going again but I did manage to do some coding.

Day 1 of 100 Days of Code

  • 100 Days Of Code Day 2 / Round 2 or 3 haha I’ve lost count
  • Completed the CSS Layout module on Khan Academy.
  • HTML sticks well. I did so well with CSS on my last 100 Day challenge. I find it’s something that needs to be studied daily otherwise it can easily be forgotten just like language learning really.
  • I feel like I’ll always be revising CSS because it’s so easy to forget, but thankfully I really enjoy it.
Khan Academy CSS Layout | Computer Programming Course
CSS Layout Module on Khan Academy

On This Day 2020

I’m just waiting for our masks to arrive before we go out for a walk and then have to make sure there’s not too many people about. It’s done on a timetable and curfew so that should help not too many people being out at the same time. I’m so sick of this pandemic, I either end up arguing with people or getting worked up. Can’t win.

On This Day 2019

I LOVED the new Sonic trailer! Nobody else seems to like it haha. What can I say? I’m a sucker for bad movies. You know those disaster films with the low ratings in IMDB? Those are some of my faves

some people are freaked out by Sonic’s teeth 😂