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Geek Life Lately 18

Studying and Blog Goals

In this edition of Geek Life Lately, I focus on studying and blog goals.

In February I managed to have 10 coffees and only played video games for 5 days! What?
(Wait until you see March video games stats, haha Breath of The Wild is a game changer!!)

All of the Studying

I’ve been taking Spanish classes twice a week since January and it’s going really well. The emphasis is to talk in class (as opposed to heads down studying) and it’s great as there are only a few of us so we really get stuck in. I’m just going to keep taking classes until I’m fluent! 🙂 ??

Most of February was spent trying to get into a study routine as I’m also studying Facebook’s Blueprint courses and studying for my Hubspot Inbound Certificate. If I’m honest those two have both been put on a back burner until the Summer when I will have more time. Spanish is taking priority right now.

Vlog Like a Boss

After reading just a little bit of Amy Schmittauer‘s book Vlog Like A Boss, I felt inspired to write up some short term goals in my bullet journal. I purchased the Kindle version right away although it would be nice to have the physical copy too!

As Amy mentioned in one of her Youtube videos, it’s great making cute lists, but taking action on them is more important. This is so true. I’ve spent a while making pretty bullet journal pages and then not actually getting anything done on said lists. Lately I’ve gone for a more simplistic look which you will see in March’s update. Here are some of my goals relating to this blog:

Blog and Brand Goals

As you can see I have my work cut out as I would like to make 4 Youtube videos per month and write up 4 blog posts per month for Cuteek. I’d also like to reach my mini goal of 50 subscribers on my Youtube channel – (please help me get to that goal nudge nudge, wink wink) I also want to actively engage with my community, whether that be in Facebook groups or blog comments AND I want to write a newsletter twice a month. Not too much work then hey? ?

Amy also made me realise that it’s TOTALLY FINE to be myself in my vlogs. Her video ‘I am not Casey Neistat’ really struck a chord with me.

I am not Casey Neistat

February wasn’t all work and no play. It was also the month of the eating of the pancakes and I enjoyed a delicious nutella crepe by the sea one afternoon with my Fiancé. It was so chocolatey I can still taste it!

Snail Mail

Last but not least I received some wonderful snail mail from Desiree (@Dezpresso). She sent me a ton of Animal Crossing amiibo cards and this awesome nerdy Princess notecard all the way from America!

Luigi Nintendo 3DSXL and Animal Crossing amiibo Cards
Nerdy Princess Notecard

I was geeking out in the car outside the post office when I picked it up as the envelope had a Professor Snape stamp on it (which I still need to steam off somehow). I can’t wait to go on holiday so I can play so much Animal Crossing and make my town all pretty with the goodies from the Welcome amiibo villagers feature.

Message from the future:
The notecard now lives on my wall by my desk and the Animal Crossing cards are my saviour when playing Zelda Breath of the Wild!

(But we will get into that in the next edition of Geek Life)

What have you been getting nerdy about this month? Let me know in the comments. Also have you thought about vlogging?

Geek Life February Studying and Blog Goals