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Geek Life Lately 25

The week has flown by again! I no longer have any concept of time LOL but alas, it’s time for another Geek Life Lately. For now I’ve lost track of which number post this is, so for now it’s called Number Not Sure. (It’s number 25, I’ve finally sorted myself out) 😂

Hey, I’m just happy I’m getting a post out on the day I said I would.

Stay On Target

It’s crazy how this pandemic is turning my brain to mush, are you feeling like this lately? Where I live we are actually in the New Normality since June after a very strict lockdown and now have around 11 new infections a day.

Masks are still compulsory as soon as we leave our homes and as most of us here on the islands work in tourism, the majority have been furloughed since March!

Many hotels have closed until god knows when…. so even though we are allowed to go outside, go to restaurants, cafes, shops and stay at hotels that are open, money is tight and obviously that’s a vicious circle. You can’t spend what you don’t have.

Grand Theft Auto Street Art Influencer
I’ve decided to become a virtual influencer ;D

In an effort to fight the uncertainty in our lives and stay on target, I’ve signed up for another Future Learn course and downloaded a learning app. I’ve also started to switch off of an evening and immerse myself in video games, this week I’ve been playing Bugsnax and GTAV!

Stay on Target – Gold Five

All of the courses

I really enjoyed the Intro to Coding and Design Course I completed with Future Learn so I signed up for their SEO and WordPress Course. I’ll be sharing more thoughts on this soon in a separate post, but I’m enjoying and learning from it so far.

I’m on Day 50 of my 100 Days of Coding journey, (think I’m on my fifth round now) some days when the brain mush is too strong and I can’t face opening the Khan Academy Computer Programming course, I at least like to complete some exercises on the Mimo Coding App.

It’s very much like Duolingo but for coding. I’ll be doing a proper review of this soon but if you sign up for free under my referral link above, I get a free week of the pro version.


E went to pick up the dogs from his brother’s house. We played knot for a few hours, had some pizza and then all passed out on the sofa. It was the perfect Saturday afternoon. Excuse the photo, I was not looking my best so I had to stick an emoji over my face haha.

Small Dog Snugs Yorkie and Chihuahua
3 sleepy faces – had to cover mine with an emoji LOL

Duolingo (Spanish) Obsideon League
MimoApp (Web Development) Wooden League
Future Learn (The Ultimate SEO and WordPress Training Course)

I desperately need to sort out my Goodreads Currently Reading list as it says I’m reading 17 books and that makes me nervous! Hah!

Made it to my bike almost everyday plus making an effort to go on walks.

Pleased that I lost a little bit of weight this week.

The Art of Driving in The Rain (Amazon Prime) I’ve never cried so much over a film in my life, don’t watch this if you’ve ever lost a dog
The Mandalorian Chapter 11 (Disney+) I get so hyped for The Baby Yoda Show on Fridays!
Romance at Reindeer Lodge (Movistar) Total festive cheese
Sponge on the Run (Netflix) This was silly and fun

Bugsnax (PS4) I was chuffed to get a free keycode for review, so stay tuned for that, it’s so good!
GTA V (PS4) I discovered Director Mode! It’s so much fun.

Agua by J Balvin – This is my current earworm.

How was your week? What video games are you playing at the moment?