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Stay Cool

Although it’s Sunday I’ve had quite a bit of work to do so I’ve made sure to get up and move every hour, stay cool and worked out as part of the Ring Fit Adventure Challenge.

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My On This Day memories are below, as I enjoy seeing what I was doing previous years. Hope you all had a lovely weekend and don’t forget, tomorrow is a new day. 💖

On This Day 2020

40°C degrees and high risk of forest fires 😢

On This Day 2019

It’s been an intense week with the forest fires here on our island. The positive is that no human lives were lost and they were able to stabilize it before it jumped to the next forest. We had ash falling in our garden but some people have lost their pets, farm animals, homes and crops. 9,000 people were evacuated.

On This Day 2018

Twitter notifications have gone nuts again. All my mentions from last 24 hours have disappeared. Sorry if you tweeted me! 😆

On This Day 2017

On Season 1 episode 5 of Game Of Thrones – I’m a bit late to the party but this show is amazing!

On This Day 2016

  • I’ve been making pup barricades for 2 weeks, gave up in the end.
  • My little Houdini jumped the footrest and flew off the top, days after knee surgery! I looked away for 2 seconds
  • He’s fine. That’s what happens when you call your dog Rambo 😅
  • Dreamt I was in Ghostbusters but I was using a Dyson instead of a Proton Pack. 🤣

On This Day 2015

  • Gaming
    • I’ve just started world 6 of Yoshi’s Woolly World (WiiU). Snifberg was a fun boss to beat in world 5.

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 💖