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Spring Has Sprung | Grateful Bytes 13

Hi there who’s this blogging on the day she said she would? Currently it’s Sunday afternoon, spring has sprung and I’m chilling watching Animal Crossing streams on YouTube. Would you like to see some Animal Crossing streams from me? I’m trying to figure out the best time, day and method. It might be time to do an updated island tour!?

Spring has Sprung Animal Crossing Swimming

🌸 I hope you’ve had a lovely week? Going forward these Grateful Bytes posts will be a little update from the week plus the highlights of my week. I did consider doing a separate post with a weekly update but it just makes sense for me to put everything all in one. With so many ideas for other posts this will be good, trust me. 😁

One of those ideas is to join in with a photo challenge that I used to take part in years ago on Instagram. (no I’m not planning on a return to insta, but I do have the prompts saved to my phone so I can share them on here!) I feel like I don’t take many photos lately, mostly videos really and a full camera roll of dog photos lol, so here’s hoping this inspires me. Do you take part in any photo challenges?

Welcome back to Grateful Bytes. 👾 This is a byte sized post of things I’m grateful for throughout the week in a bid to be more mindful. I hope it inspires you to think about your own highlights of the week, whether you share it in the comments or jot it down in a journal.

  • I’m so glad I made the decision to get my eyebrows microbladed. The feeling of waking up with eyebrows and seeing them after I have a shower is amazing. Not having to draw them in anymore is a game changer.
  • Lazy Sunday walks ✨
  • Clearing out even more clutter from our home. This time I tackled boxes from our consoles and gadgets! I’m not sure why it was so difficult to get rid of my PlayStation 5 box but it took me a few attempts haha.
  • Spring sunset walks, the air a little cooler than daytime with orange and pink burst across the sky.
  • Cozy beddding and getting quality sleep
  • Great breakthrough session at my osteopath appointment! I finally have some answers on whats going on with my shoulder and I can make my return to Ring Fit Adventure soon!
  • Visited our nephew, he’s so funny and we were blessed with some snugs.
  • Coffee and cookies at an outdoor cafe.

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 🪴

✨ What are you grateful for this week? ✨