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Hello Spooky Season | Geek Life Lately 45

Spooky season has officially arrived! Time to live our best pumpkin spice life, with chunky cardigans, crunchy leaves, fall outfits and all things Halloween. 🎃

*record scratch*

Reality check.

Zombreak 2020 Zombie KitKats
dreaming about these Zombie kitkats I got in 2020

While I would like to say I’m curled up in a ball with blankets keeping warm with a hot chocolate, listening to autumnal weather at my window, the reality is it’s about 35ºC and we’re having a dusty heatwave. Ahhh, it’s difficult to get into the spirit of Halloween month when it’s still so hot!

The fan is wafting warm air around as I drink a herbal tea in bed. At least the mornings are dark and I can pretend it’s cold for a while before sunrise. I think we will have this hot weather a few more days then I might be able to make a blanket burrito.

October means 31 days of Halloween and watching all of the scary films. I kicked it off with The Conjuring 3, brave of me. I ended up hiding behind my Squishmallow and looking at my phone, it got a bit too worshippy for me at the end.

I’m writing this on Mean Girls Day so obviously that is today’s film of choice and technically it has a Halloween party scene in it so it works.

Do you watch spooky films or play horror games during this month? I would like to play some scary video games too!

Let’s take a look back at September and see what’s been going on in this geek lifestyle world of Cuteek…


A mix of anxiety and need of distraction lead me to showing more love to my home. I discovered the FlyLady app and some lovely homemaking vlogs on YouTube that inspired me to clean and I even started spontaneously painting our doorframes mid-vlog. I had a tub of dark grey chalk paint left over from a project and was feeling inspired. 😆

I ended up painting our bathroom sink unit the same colour. To be continued once I get my hands on another tub of paint. Aside from painting I actually got into a nice little cleaning habit and it’s really making a difference to my anxiety levels.


  • One Piece Odyssey (PS5) My husband saw how much I was enjoying One Piece (Netflix live action and the anime) so he treated me to the video game. It’s so much fun! Like a mix between Pokémon and
  • Fall Guys (PS5) I still pick this up now and then but nowhere near as much as I used to play. Here’s hoping for some Fall Guys Halloween content soon.
  • Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot The London Case (PS5)


  • Duolingo is very much a stable in my everyday learning. I’ve started doing more lessons from my laptop rather than my phone, so I can write phrases down after I learn them.
  • I finally started (or restarted) the Cosmology and Astronomy course on Khan Academy. The first unit is all about the scale of the Universe and it’s mindblowing. I’m really looking forward to the geology unit! My goal is to attempt a unit or video each day or every other day, hopefully I can finish this month.


  • The Kardashians (Disney+) finished season 3 onto season 4
  • One Piece (Netflix) Live Action Season 1 – loved it! First time watching and it was a great intro for me.
  • One Piece Anime Season 1 – this is so cute and fun to watch. I saw the netflix show first but it’s clear how they stayed true to the anime.
  • Top Boy Season 3 Episode 1 (Netflix) don’t think I’ll continue with this. I enjoyed season 1 and 2 but I’m not feeling this one.
  • Virgin River Season 1-5 (Netflix) I binged all 5 seasons and I need more! So glad they have announced a winter special coming this November which will reveal all of the juicy secrets.
  • The Real Bling Ring Hollywood Heist (Netflix) documentary very interesting about the people who robbed celeb houses in the early 2000s
  • Ballers episode 1 couldn’t get into this
  • Live to 100 (Netflix) Secrets of the Blue Zones – this had a huge impact on me and I loved learning about the different cultures of the areas that Dan Buettner visited. It’s definitely sparked my interest into Japanese culture and I’m currently learning about Ikigai.
  • Living The Life You Love YouTube Channel – discovered this sweet channel while browsing homemaking vlogs on YouTube. It’s definitely one that I keep going back to for the coziness and cleaning motivation.


  • In progress
    • Pet Sematary by Stephen King
    • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a f*ck by Mark Manson
    • Make Time: How to Focus on What Matters Every Day by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky
  • Finished
    • Love and Fury by Paris Fury
    • Decluttering at the Speed of Life by Dana K White
    • Declutter Like a Mother by Allie Casazza

Quotes I enjoyed this month:

“Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.”

– Michael Jordan

“Always remember that the future comes one day at a time.”

– Dean Acheson


  • Are you bored yet? by Wallows
  • Lover by Taylor Swift
  • Kiss Anthems 98
  • Fleetwood Mac
  • Clutterbug Podcast with Cas Aarssen – perfect to listen to while cleaning or tackling clutter!


A round up of blog posts and YouTube videos I created this month. Me and Cooper had a lot of fun making this vacuum cleaner unboxing video, hope you like it.

Blog Posts from this month

Videos from this month

What did you get up to in September? Any spooky plans for the month? Would love to hear from you in the comments!

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 🎃

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