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Day 49 Spain Lockdown

2nd May 2020 | First Walk in 7 Weeks!

Today I’m happy AND I finally got a mask! This is my first walk outside in 7 weeks. It’s day 49 of the lockdown in Spain and we are finally allowed outside for an hour walk once a day during a dedicated time slot.

It felt very overwhelming like I was on autopilot or dreaming! We got to see the sunset at the beach which was so nice. Rambo stayed at home and had a nice nap in the garden.

Spain Lockdown Day 49 | Girl Wearing Mask
First walk in 7 weeks!

It was really nice to move my legs, although I did freak out a bit seeing so many people and my glasses kept steaming up. The start of the walk wasn’t so bad but by the time I got home I was fogged up. lol

But Vikki, we’ve seen you take the dog out, how is this your first walk?

Well, as I explained in this post where I took Rambo for a walk on day 2, only one person from a household was permitted so many meters from home to allow pup to do their business and back home.

My dog is a senior and can only walk a few steps before he gets tired, so we haven’t even been able to go up and down our street. I just carry him to a lamppost.

Today we are allowed a walk within 1km radius from our homes, making sure we respect social distancing by 2 meters. We still can’t go out in the car together but I’m hoping that is allowed soon.

We’ve had police cars and army trucks patrolling to make sure we aren’t out walking outside of our time slots and kids and elderly have their own times to go out too.

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