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Day 45 Spain Lockdown

28th April 2020 | Full Lockdown.

That feeling when you live by the beach but you can’t go near it because you are on full lockdown.

Being outside (away from other people) would really do the three of us good right now. I’ve had a migraine and Rambo had a bad tummy yesterday.

Uncharted Drakes Fortune Elena Fisher Beach
Virtual beaches are the only beaches I can visit right now | Elena Fisher looks as annoyed as I am

My Fiancé and I haven’t left the house together since 14th March and I just really want to hold his hand and walk down the street. We can’t even go to the supermarket or out in the car together!

It looks like we might be allowed out for an hour of exercise or a walk from 2nd May so fingers and toes crossed that we will be allowed out together.

Until then I’m playing some more video games and today I have embarked on my Uncharted adventure, starting with Drake’s Fortune.

Sony released some free Play at Home games for PS4 including the Uncharted collection. You don’t need a PS plus account to get them, just head to the store, they should be in the dashboard.

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