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Day 4 Spain Lockdown

18th March 2020 | Indigestion and a Weird Mood.

I woke up in such a weird mood. Lockdown is really getting to me and we are only on the fourth day! I had indigestion all night from not being able to go out for walks after meals and Rambo was growling in his sleep so he knows something is up.

Spain Lockdown Day 4 | Girl With Silky Terrier Dog Wearing Geeky Mask
Me and Rambo both in a weird mood feeling the strain of a strict lockdown

Because I’m having an off day, I thought I’d list some positives:

  • Dad text me a funny video.
  • E found our favourite chicken curry in Mercadona and the last bottle of bleach that we were desperate for.
  • Fresh air – Carried Rambo to his poop place protected by my Prophecy Girl Luna Lovegood scarf clipped at the back to make a mask. 💜
    (I’ve previously worked with Prophecy Girl but I purchased this scarf myself)
  • Gave Rambo a shower and massage on his poor leg, which he enjoyed. 🦊
  • Cleared my desk and sprayed down with disinfectant.

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