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Day 37 Spain Lockdown

20th April 2020 | Scared to leave the house.

It’s my first time leaving the house since Wednesday. I took the bins out to the containers in the next street, which was nerve wracking. My worries are I’ll get too close to another person or get questioned by the Guardia Civil and not be able to explain myself.

Spain Lockdown Day 37 | Girl Wearing Mask
Wearing my scarf as a mask as there are no surgical masks available. Was mentally in a state of panic when I took this selfie

I saw 5 people in total, all wearing masks headed to the supermarket or pharmacy. I really need to make a new mask because it’s getting hot here and this scarf is suffocating. It’s difficult to get surgical masks at the moment, the pharmacy only allow you to buy one per person when they do have them in stock.

On the plus side, it’s meant to rain at the end of the week. So that’s something to look forward to.

Hope you are all doing as well as possible.

I’m still thinking about a blog post on how the lockdown situation is here but feel like I’m moaning about it at the same time.

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