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Day 26 Spain Lockdown

9th April 2020 | Coffee Dates at Home

Going out for coffee everyday is the social norm for us. Here in the Canary Islands a proper cup of coffee costs about 1€ from a local bar, making it a very affordable daily habit.

When the lockdown began on March 15th we decided to make time for a daily coffee date at our dining table to chat and dream about the outside. We would daydream about where we would go for a stroll and a coffee and what we then remembered as normality.

Spain Lockdown Day 26 | Coffee Dates at Home
Two mugs of coffee and chocolate chip muffins demolished in seconds | Coffee dates at home

Rambo usually naps at this point, sometimes jumping up when he hears a teaspoon stirring or when the smell of ham wafts from the fridge as we grab the milk.

Today we had choco chip muffins from Mercadona and they were delicious! E’s Real Madrid mug is from an Easter egg years ago and my Little Miss Blogger mug is from TruffleShuffle’s Mr Men range.

Luckily we purchased a Nespresso coffee machine before this craziness began, thinking that we would use it about once a week. In reality we used it about twice a day until for 3 months until we were allowed outside and felt confident enough to drink coffee in a bar in the ‘New Normality’.

I don’t think the home coffee machines will ever be as good as our favourites but the Nespresso machine is brilliant, it was about 30€ on Amazon. We bought Colombian coffee pods from Mercadona supermarket and they are really nice, with a strong flavour.

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