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Day 2 Spain Lockdown

16th March 2020 | Dog Walk.

Well here we are in day 2 of the lockdown in Spain. I’ve been on the phone to family in the UK and told them they should probably expect a lockdown in the UK, the first sign will be the schools closing.

For now we are still allowed to take the dog out, only one of us though otherwise you will be fined thousands of euros by the Guardia Civil and we can only go within so many meters of our house.

Spain Lockdown Day 2 | Girl With Silky Terrier Dog Wearing Mask
Rambo really wanted to go out for some fresh air <3

Rambo is 15 now and can’t walk well so I carry him to a lamppost, let him do his thing, clean it, pick him up and give him a good wash on his ears, face and body with a baby wipe which I throw in the poop bin and carry him home.

There’s no leisurely stroll, it’s poops and home. I assume if the lockdown rules get stricter or the virus gets worse, then we may have to let him poop in the house. 🧻🦊

Also we don’t have masks but I feel safer with my bandana scarf on as literally everyone has a cough in my neighbourhood, but that may be because we’ve recently had a massive sandstorm and at one point the air pollution was the worst in the world.

The sky was literally thick with orange sand, apparently some of the particles were metal! Luckily some people have masks on hand from that which was the end of February 😷

Stay safe friends, wash your hands, maintain social distancing and don’t panic buy. Just get what you need.

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