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Sometimes My Lip Gets Stuck On My Teefs

Today has been so much fun. Chester and Cooper came to spend the day with us, we napped, played, went for a drive and had a McDonalds. 🍟

Yorkie and Chihuahua in car
Chester and Cooper in the car waiting for chickie nuggies

Of course I couldn’t resist taking a zillion photos of them and made some fun videos on YouTube. At one point after we all had full bellies, Cooper fell asleep upside down with his little tooth stuck out and his toy on his head. 😂.

Sometimes My Lip Gets Stuck On My Teefs

Duolingo Weekly Progress Report

  • XP EARNED ⚡️ 27

On This Day 2018

  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • Twitter notifications aren’t working.
    • I see someone has tweeted me but then it’s not in my mentions so I can’t reply.
    • Now Canva is down, it keeps crashing when I’m editing pics in the layout feature.
    • I have scheduled a blog post. Who am I?
    • My style has always been research, write, check, publish LOL
    • I find it more human/personal, it’s like I can’t wait for the post to go out once it’s complete. I really need to get into the scheduling habit though.
    • I’m so organized with my work writing and posts, it’s just my blog has a mind of it’s own.

On This Day 2016

  • Autumn is the best. I’m so over Summer now.
  • The sooner the better with seasonal blog posts, give them chance to get indexed by Google.
  • It’s so sandy and dusty where I live, it ruins the fun of displaying things like amiibo.

On This Day 2015

Wearing my candy pink Barbie watch today. It’s lovely to wear, chunky but light. I bought it from the Barbie Store in Barcelona.

Pink Barbie Watch
You Think It’s Easy Being This Beautiful?!!