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Sofa Goblin | The Daily Geek 329

On This Day 2021

My WFH station has been the living room for the past few weeks and I’ve been a total sofa goblin. Today I made the long commute to my home office and sat down at a chair instead of in a ball. First I needed to clean my desk and make it a home office I can actually work in.

minimal desk setup framed art

Thankfully my MacBook Air easily went back into clamshell mode with my HP monitor. I found using the blue VGA cable works 100% better than the HDMI lightning cable which can be so temperamental.

Once I’d cleaned and set everything back up, I decided to make a little art wall behind my screen. Previously I’d had some postcards washi taped to the wall but I have this lovely Blythe art piece that I picked up in La Palma airport 10 years ago and it fit perfect by my desk along with some cute clip frame art.

  • Random Thoughts
    • How long is everyone waiting to get their 3rd vaccine (aka fully vaxxed for now anyway) after the first 2? I had my first shot in June and second shot in July. I was not well at all with my first 2 shots, full on sweats/chills for 4 days. It’s a sign of a healthy immune system response though so I’m told.

On This Day 2020

  • A social media manager can never truly leave Instagram, it’s just not working for me as a ‘personal brand’. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Great for business though.
  • Tfw a family member goes in for a hug in times of covid ^_^

On This Day 2018

  • Watching
    • The new Vampire Diaries spin-off ‘Legacies‘ is good so far.
    • I’m watching the pilot of the Charmed reboot. The first demon looks a lot like the Night King from Game of Thrones??

On This Day 2017

  • THEORY: Both Luke and Rey will go to the Dark Side.
  • My zombie flu brain is clearing so I might actually get some work done this afternoon! Got a lovely cup of hot chocolate and a cupcake to get me motivated. ☕️
  • Fixing some behind the scenes stuff before the new blog design goes live! 🤓
  • It’s 6pm which means new clothes and trash furniture available in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

On This Day 2016

  • Waiting for Gilmore Girls like 👀
  • IKEA Black Friday shopping on a Thursday heheh picked up the 18 piece FARGRIK dinner set in dark turquoise at an absolute bargain.
  • Animal Crossing X Hello Kitty amiibo cards are here! 😍
  • I often wonder out of my 1,000+ Twitter followers how many of them have me muted? I’d rather just have the unfollow tbh.
  • It’s like I’m only engaging with about 10 people and I do reply to people who I don’t follow or I have in lists. Weird.
  • Time for a digital declutter I think. See if I can sift through the spam accounts, see if that helps.
  • Playing Pokémon Sun and Moon 😊

On This Day 2015

  • Blogging and listening to Tribal House music is actually quite fun. Sure I’m burning some calories jigging about. 😜
  • Got a really good burn and scent coming from my Christmas Eve Daddy Yankee Candle.
  • Improving my Spanish listening to arguing neighbours…
  • The show Awkward is hilarious 😂

On This Day 2014

Ha, sometimes I fangirl & like ‘Oh look it’s [insert YouTuber name here]’ on actual TV & E has no clue who they are. 😅

On This Day 2013

Pinterest makes me feel hungry

On This Day 2012

  • Not enough hot water to wash my hair this morning – Batiste to the rescue! 🙂
  • Just had breakfast and already thinking about more food, I see a Happy Meal in my future 😀
  • At the beach having a break from work 🙂
  • Really enjoyed my McDonald’s this afternoon, lazy half an hour on the beach and then carrot cake for dessert…. what a lovely Saturday!
  • Bought some cheesy Cheetos, tasted one and they are cheese and ketchup flavour hmmm, not sure.
  • Gaming
    • Playing Kinect Adventures and I reached my 100th XBOX achievement!!! Woohoo! How many do you have? Was lucky, today I won 5 on Zumba Core.
  • Watching
    • I’m watching a documentary about the production of dyed fabric in Bangladesh – the workers are being exposed to carcinogens. 😲 One window dresser for H&M developed kidney disease from fabric toxins in the clothes.

On This Day 2011

Just went to see Breaking Dawn at the cinema, brilliant even though Edward is a big cheeseball #TEAMJACOB

On This Day 2009

It’s cinema night and I can’t decide – New Moon or 2012?

On This Day 2008

  • I’m adding twitter badges to my blogs 🙂
  • creating content

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 💖