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Seth Godin Wannabe

Seth Godin Wannabe

Welcome to the Daily Geek Blog aka blogging my tweets instead of tweeting them LOL. The following is what I’ve done every May 26th for the last 10 years according to Twitter and Instagram.

Purple Nintendo Switch Joycon with pink paw thumbgrips
the cutest joycon combo | purple left joycon with paw thumbgrip


  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • So this Daily Geek project is new as of yesterday, I hope people get it and don’t think I’m some kind of Seth Godin wannabe. LOL.
    • When you unfollow someone and they immediately unfollow you, like how do they know? Are they some kind of social media goblin sitting on Twitter… just waiting for the moment? 😆
  • Guess who got a Happy Meal today and got a We Bare Bears toy instead of Pokémon cards? I mean they are kind of cute but I wanted Pokémon stuff. 😂
  • Had a lovely time dogsitting Chester and Cooper, they had their first McFlurry.


  • Missing Rambo so much 🙁


  • Watching
    • Walk, Ride, Rodeo on Netflix – based on a true story about a rodeo rider who is paralyzed after a car accident and then becomes determined to get back on the horse.
  • Random Thoughts
    • OMG just seen that everyone is fixing things with noodles. This is the new slime then?? LOL
    • Squeezing in some writing before an evening of gaming.
    • Time to game and watch the new episode of Jane the Virgin


  • Random Thoughts
    • When your family support LFC and your other half is a Madridista 😆 my whole family are texting from England, banter for days.
    • We had to eat at a certain restaurant just now we have some pre-game rituals going on here.
  • Fitness
    • My fitbit stats for 5/25/2018: 9,663 steps and 6.4 km traveled.


  • Gaming
    • Magikarp Jump – It’s very cute and fun to pass the time but I could be playing Animal Crossing in that time. 😆
  • Random Thoughts
    • Saw my doppelganger in the supermarket just now. Same leggings, grey tshirt, ponytail / fringe and bag! We looked at each other puzzled 😱 It was so weird! E said if I wasn’t standing next to him he would have thought it was me at a glance. I felt like Marty McFly!
    • I just love seeing other people’s workspaces!
    • I like going to comic book shops to see all the nerdy merch in person also to debate which Funko Pop to buy next after examining them carefully.
    • This time 2yrs ago I started watching LOST for the first time 😭
  • Fitness
    • Getting in a quick bike workout while E makes homemade pizza 🍕
    • My fitbit stats for 5/25/2017: 3,867 steps and 2.6 km traveled.
  • Studying
    • Babbel and Duolingo studying done!