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September Fitness Gaming Challenge 2022

September is a time for fresh starts! Maybe you are back to school or back to work after a long summer but a new month is always promising. So let’s make some goals and get ready for the September edition of the 30 Day Fitness Gaming Challenge! Each day I’ll ...

September is a time for fresh starts! Maybe you are back to school or back to work after a long summer but a new month is always promising. So let’s make some goals and get ready for the September edition of the 30 Day Fitness Gaming Challenge!

Each day I’ll be updating my progress here on the blog with workout photos, motivation and videos. My goal is to be Fit at 40, which is a long term goal and my focus for these challenges. I can’t wait to see your updates too, let me know in the comments if you are tracking this on your own blog or YouTube so I can check it out.

Weight-loss results for this challenge

September 1st start weight: 71.9 kg
September 30th end weight: 71.7kg
Total weight loss after 30 days: 0.2kg

Day 1 – Let’s go!

Cuteek playing Nintendo Switch Sports
playing Nintendo Switch Sports on September 1st 2022

Yess! A new month is here and I decided that Nintendo Switch Sports would be the first fitness game. I want to play more of this and collect all the cute outfits. Today I played badminton, had my first win of the month and made rank E+. There were extra points for volleyball today but I just wasn’t keen on it last time I played. As it’s very hot here at the moment, I played for about 17 minutes and included some stretching and dancing about in between matches. ūüėÄ I’ll likely have a power pok√©walk later on to close my rings.

Day 2

Time to get back to Ring Fit Adventure today! So I went to confront Guru Andma in the Temple of Balance and failed but I did reach level 45. I put up a good fight and was on the last monster when the Ab Guard took me out. I just wasn’t prepared with smoothies and so instead of calling it a day I went back to previous worlds to do some clean up.

Ring Fit Adventure Level 45

I had missed out on some stuff that will help me like the Shadow Aurora workout top which increases attack power by 10. I think this will be my mission going forward for now, cleaning up to earn skill points and of course I had missed out on some recipes which were vital to my progress. I also aim to level up at least once each session.

Day 3

Today we enjoyed family day with Chester and Cooper. We went out for some short Pok√©walks as it’s still hot and later on I did some power housework, which is when I put the tunes on and speed clean my house as quickly as possible. Not to be underestimated as it leaves me sweating and gets the blood pumping.

Day 4

Wow day 4 came out of nowhere! Today is Sunday and I’ve had some stomach issues, (for a change) In August I quit fizzy drinks thinking that it would make my issues better but in fact not much changed and I’m pretty sure I had a stomach bug for the second half of the month which on top of IBS isn’t great.

Being careful with my food and drink and still having issues today made me annoyed so I ate salad with chips, jalape√Īos and had my favourite strawberry fizzy drink for the first time in a month. I only had one can as opposed to the bottles I was knocking back over the summer (sometimes 2 a day), so it wasn’t too bad and you know what I enjoyed every drop. This doesn’t mean I will be drinking it again everyday but now I can appreciate it once in a while on weekends.

Anyway, my stomach has eased a little and after chatting with Gem from Fitness Game Club about Yoga Master on Nintendo Switch I think I’ll have a go of that later tonight for today’s exercise. (Not to say yoga is the easy option, it often kicks my ass)

Day 5

Today I played Yoga Master on the Nintendo Switch and it kicked my ass. I played without joycons this time and it was a much smoother experience. I selected a pre-made program called A Step To Joy 1. Later on I took a Pokéwalk and caught a Miltank.

Day 6

Back to some more Ring Fit Adventure today. I did some more clean up on older levels and FINALLY found the recipe to make Milk Pudding in a hidden level in World 4. I’ve been looking for it EVERYWHERE! A villager wanted some as a quest and it’s been annoying me so much. ūüėÖ I also reached level 46!!

Day 7

Needed a rest day today, listened to my body, enjoyed a nice siesta after work. I watched a cheesy film on Netflix (Love in The Villa) and played Pokémon Go from the sofa. I caught a Cosmog!!!

Day 8

A special day with birthday cake, visiting my abuelas and family time. We are enjoying the long bank holiday here which is from today Thursday to Sunday. I closed my apple watch rings and started saving up coins in Pokémon Go for the Cosmog top and jacket.

Day 9

Today we looked after Chester and Cooper, so it was a chill day with short walkies as it’s still hot. I weighed myself today and I’m now 71.6kg which I’m pleased with although I can go up and down by 1 kilo very easily. It was nice to hit that target though. We had a relaxed afternoon watching Thor Love and Thunder.

Day 10

Another relaxed day as we enjoy our time off. Got in some steps walking around the mall had a nice lunch and finished watching Devil in Ohio. Later on started playing Mafia.

Day 11

Today was the last chill out day of our bank holiday weekend. We had a short Pokéwalk and went for coffee. My energy was low so I just did a few quick chores then made some popcorn and played video games for the rest of the day.

Day 12

Still feeling tired so I worked on some projects for work, had a Pokéwalk then rested.

Day 13

Now I know why I’m tired, my kidneys have been bothering me the last few days and I haven’t slept very well. I had some medicine and we took a 40 minute stroll after a much needed siesta.

Day 14

I started on antibiotics today for my kidneys/bladder infection. I stayed in my pjs all day and did a bit of work from the sofa. I played Fall Guys and Lego Batman 2.

Day 15

Still not well but I needed a little walk so we just had a short one to a local coffee place. E got coffee but I just grabbed a water as I don’t feel like coffee at the moment. I’m still waiting for the antibiotics to kick in and start feeling better, it usually takes about 3 days going on past episodes. Thankfully season 2 of Fall Guys is out so I played that for most of the day and evening.

Day 16

Guess who didn’t sleep again? It’s another pijama day for me. It’s not just about the wins it’s about the losses too and so important to know when to stop and say, yep, you need to rest. As I’ve had a few episodes like this already this year, I do worry there’s a chance my nephroptosis has returned.

Day 17 – 22

So days 17 – 22 I was suffering with a kidney infection and one night I was in agony with renal colic. I didn’t do any intense workouts but to keep things moving I managed to get out for evening walks, sometimes I needed a little push from E as it’s very hilly where we live. Using Pok√©mon Go as a distraction I managed to get out even just for a little bit, (so important for digestion and mental health).

Day 23

Today is the first day of Autumn and I’m finally feeling like myself again, although energy is pretty low. I made myself a small list of goals to achieve, one of them was. do a Ring Fit Adventure warm up and cool down only. I didn’t manage to do it, but I did some chores around the house that had been neglected while I was sick. We also started prepping for Tropical Storm Hermine so there was plenty to do.

Day 24

Today I weighed in at 71.5kg which is my lowest weight so far in this Fit at 40 journey. I haven’t been this weight since around 2019. Despite the rain we managed to get out for a walk before the stay at home recommendations.

Day 25

Another day of rain, this time torrential and it makes me think of how lucky we are to have year round weather that allows us to enjoy the outside. Staying indoors so much this weekend was making me think of the 2020 lockdown in Spain. We were stuck at home for 7 weeks and we weren’t allowed outside even for a walk unlike some countries who were allowed daily exercise. Mind blowing to think about how we got through that, it definitely left a scar. Today we have spaghetti for lunch so a short walk was non-negotiable.

We waited for it to ease off and then headed out, we took shelter in a bar and grabbed a coffee. Then the sky turned a funny colour so we quickly left only to be pelted by heavy rain on our walk home. Luckily I found some random umbrella at home and we used that as a shield haha.

Day 26

Yet another rainy day and motivation is low. Keeping up with the Pokéwalks though which is an absolute, especially since we had McDonalds for lunch.

Day 27

Today we went out for coffee and our walk was around a local mall. The sun is back and it’s kind of a relief. Hopefully my motivation will come back soon for Ring Fit or Switch Sports.

Day 28

There’s only a couple days left of this month and I feel like it’s gone so quickly! Between having a kidney infection followed by the lazy days of the Tropical Storm and comfort foods, my motivation flew out of the window. I woke up early today and instead of going back to sleep I treated myself to episode 3 of House of Dragons with the promise that I would move my day along quicker than usual. I also logged out of Twitter on my phone which I was glued to for storm updates over the last week. It really is a weakness of mine and such a giant time waster, especially when I have so much work to catch up on. I also did some mindfulness exercises as guided by my Apple watch. Yoga is calling me again, which I find comforting after a kidney episode.

Day 29

I’m not sure if it’s the weather or what but my stomach has been overactive today. Either way me and E got out for a walk and played some Pok√©mon Go. I didn’t quite reach my goal for the day but there’s always tomorrow.

Day 30

Today is the last day of the challenge and my end weigh in is 71.7kg. This is only a little change from day 1 but I can see my stomach is much flatter so while the scale is stuck a little, my eyes tell me otherwise. Me and E went for a romantic pokéwalk by the beach, watched the sunset and stalked some dogs out on evening walks. I love that this counts as exercise and we can do it together. We made some decisions as a couple to eat healthier food and rethink some of our eating choices of late.

Final Thoughts

A kidney infection bang smack in the middle of the month threw me off course, I tried to get out for gentle walks but my usual fitness games were put on the back burner. I was reminded that part of my fitness and wellness journey with a kidney problem is going to include resting. Here’s to next month, I’m ready for a spooky October fitness gaming challenge! ūüéÉ

“If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again” – Aaliyah.

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