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Second Pfizer Appointment

I got my appointment for my second dose of Pfizer! There are a ton of government apps and websites which we are supposed to use but they are not the best. E just phoned the hotline number and they gave me July 14th which will be 3 weeks and 1 day since I first joined Team Pfizer.

Spain Lockdown Day 49 | Girl Wearing Mask
photo from lockdown in 2020

I’m glad the vaccine program is going how it is and they are doing the shots within the recommended weeks. I just hope that shot 2 doesn’t give me any side-effects like last week.

Lazy Morning

We mostly chilled this morning, had late breakfast and watched Gloaming on Disney+. Later on we pulled everything out of the spare bedroom which had become a dumping ground, cleaned everything and moved our stationary bike to a new place. It feels good to have it all organized but now other parts of the house are messy haha. E made his famous pizza for lunch and I had a much needed siesta. Later on we went for a quick power walk.

On This Day 2020

  • Gaming
    • Imagine how amazing Animal Crossing Halloween seasonal items and crafts are going to be!!! It’s something to look forward to after a long Summer.
    • Isabelle tells me there are too many items lying around, cluttering up my island. I’m surprised to get 4 stars the state of it LOL.
    • My island is basically Marie Kondo’s worst nightmare.
Animal Crossing Trash Island
I like mess XD
  • Food
    • I’ve just switched from unhealthy stuff over to Greek yoghurt. I’ll try granola and honey next time as it was a bit sour by itself. I thought the yoghurt was off! I’ve kept the small cereal bits from the bottom of the Special K packet and will add them in with something sweet later.
    • Apparently there’s a shortage of Frosties cereal in the UK!
  • Home Decor
    • We usually get our bath towels from IKEA. They are good quality, chunky and last a few years. Cheaper ones get destroyed with drying them on the line so much. We’ve had some decent hand towels from Primark but not keen on their bath towels.
  • Watching
    • Not many episodes of Poirot left from our complete box set.
    • It irritates me when people call Hercule a ‘bloody foreigner’. He never retaliates, he never forgets it though.
    • It’s taken us about a year to get through them, I think we have about 10 episodes or films left.

My aesthetic has been track pants and T-shirt since the 90s. 😂

On This Day 2019

Where did ‘spill tea’ and ‘let me unpack that’ come from? I thought unpack was like an unboxing? I keep hearing people say it but I’m not sure why? It’s not something that was said when I lived in England. In English we use ‘Spill the beans’ for juicy gossip. The only English people I speak to are my parents so it’s not something I’ve heard until recently LOL.

On This Day 2015

Apparently Disneyland have just banned selfie sticks! I understand they are dangerous on rides, I was just looking forward to taking nice pics of me and E as I don’t like giving my iPhone to strangers.

There are zero Yoshi’s Woolly World amiibo on this island!

On This Day 2014

  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • I really enjoy taking part in Twitter chats, it’s great for networking.