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Sea Breeze

Despite being really warm there is a beautiful sea breeze coming into our home office and I am loving it. I was so tired from yesterdays work out that I just couldn’t today.

Bitmoji chilling on a sunbed
5 more minutes

Shopping Trip Cancelled

We planned to go clothes shopping as we are a little desperate for some items (holes in sun damaged clothes is not a good look lol) and the summer sales have started, making things a bit more affordable.

I think we’ve been like 3 times since the pandemic started. Luckily the one shop we plan to visit (Lefties) is in an open air shopping center where people still have to wear masks and we figured out the quiet times.

As you may have heard me mention 1,000 times on here, online shopping can be tricky in the Canary Islands hence why I will go in-store.

My top clothes shopping in a pandemic tip: check out everything that you like online first and take screenshots so that you easily find the items when you go in. That way you are being intentional and not spending unnecessary time in the shop browsing. I also try not to touch anything that I don’t have to and get out of there ASAP.


But anyway, I felt wiped out, so I didn’t really fancy going in the end and we will go later in the week. Instead, we went for coffee to one of our fave places that has been closed since last year and enjoyed some more of that sea breeze on the terraza. We have such lovely memories of spending my birthday there with Rambo in 2019.

Maccies, Gaming and More Power Walking

We said YOLO and drove to the McDonalds McAuto and brought lunch home. It was funny that we didn’t have any passengers today, Chester and Cooper the nugget buds are usually in the back.

After lunch I played some more Uncharted 2 and unlocked one of the easiest trophies by checking some stats.

There’s an online course that I want to start, so I’ll probably get stuck into that soon as I feel like I’ve been on a 100% blogging train lately and need to mix it up a bit.

Tonight on we went on a power walk to burn off some of the McDonalds haha. I honestly can’t go on walks without sweating like crazy anymore.

On This Day 2020

When did you first play Maniac Mansion? I first played the secret Maniac Mansion hidden inside Day of The Tentacle remastered on PS4, only 3 years ago.

On This Day 2018

Excited to get started on Applied Accessibility this evening freeCodeCamp. I enjoy CSS so much. Iā€™m eager to start projects and Iā€™m looking forward to JavaScript.

Applied Accessibility FreeCodeCamp
freecodecamp Applied Accessibility coursework

On This Day 2017

Considering I’m an introvert and Spanish isn’t my 1st language, I did quite well socializing at my Father in law’s birthday party. šŸ˜…šŸ‡®šŸ‡ØšŸŒ“