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Santa Claus LEGO set

Merry Christmas cute geeks! Those who celebrate, are you all prepared for the festivities? It’s so interesting to hear about the different traditions around the world.

Merry Christmas

I’m originally from England and my BF is from Spain, so we celebrate by fusing the both traditions together. Here in Spain we eat a family dinner on Christmas Eve called ‘NocheBuena’, which goes on until midnight and Santa leaves a gift for the younger members of the family which will be opened that night. (I’m writing this on Christmas Eve listening to The Beach Boys ‘Christmas Harmonies’ album.)

Christmas Day is a day of rest and we exchange half of our gifts, so the ones from/for my BF’s family is done on 6th January.

On the 5th January The 3 Kings aka ‘Los Reyes Magos’ visit towns and villages on camels in a parade. They throw sweets to the crowds and this is also when children get to meet them and give them their wishlists.
The Mayor presents them with the key to the city (so they can deliver presents of course) The night of the 5th (which is like our Christmas Eve) shops are bars stay open late til around 4am.

The next morning on the 6th January is when we open our presents from the 3 Kings, which are often found under the bed as opposed to under the Christmas tree.

So Christmas is sort of extended and it’s not strange to see Christmas decorations up after 6th January and it certainly isn’t bad luck.

I have to leave you here, I must finish getting ready …. looking forward to having a good feast on some different foods including ensalada Russa, papas con Mojo, baby goat (aww) homemade bread and more!

Have a lovely time with your friends and family, Felices Fiestas! 🙂

How are you celebrating Christmas?