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Geek Life Lately 9

Happy New Year! After a lovely festive season, it is time for a new Geek Life Lately.

When the new FatMumSlim weekly photo challenges released for January I was excited to incorporate them into this post.

Instageek | January Photo Challenge 2015
Palm Trees, Santa Cat and a rare Selfie

The Sky
Autumn/Winter is my absolute favourite time of year and I really like palm trees. I love seeing the silhouettes of them against candy coloured skies. New Year’s Day we took a walk on the beach and just enjoyed being outside.

Something Yellow
We went to eat out at our favourite seafood restaurant, which is right on the beach and also cat heaven. The most beautiful ginger cat sat underneath our table, looking at us with it’s huge lemur-like eyes. On closer inspection he/she was looking very festive with what looks like a Santa beard. I’ve never seen a cat with such a thick coat of fur, or a beard for that matter. 😀

Me Today
But first, let me take a selfie. I bought a really cute bat t-shirt in the sales a couple of days after Halloween, I think it’s sweet to wear all year round though.

I Hear
We’ve had some really windy weather, so much so, my neighbour’s roof blew off in the middle of the night! Thankfully nobody was hurt and the police sectioned the street off quickly.


Watching: I watched the latest Switched at Birth last night. Daphne is really annoying at the moment. I feel so bad for Bay.
Reading: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (73%)
Listening: All of Me by John Legend.
Making: Putting lists of blog post ideas together and getting more organised.
Feeling: Sore throat yuk! Hopefully it’s just one of those morning sore throats.
Planning: An evening walk by the beach.
Loving: Spending time with my Fiancé and parents.

How was your week?

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