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Routine Girly | Grateful Bytes 11

There’s something so calming about going at my own speed. I’ve never been much of a routine girly but actually starting a morning routine makes me feel like I’m ahead of the day without rushing.

While it’s lovely to have a flexi WFH schedule, it’s easy to sleep in and the day can turn into chaos. Chaos to me feels like I’m trying to catch up with everyone for the rest of the day. That paired with an ADHD brain can be a full on stress-fest.

gratitude journal

As I’m still implementing my new morning routine, (which is a mash up of The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and the Fly Lady method) I’ll let you know more about it once it sticks and I can give you some results. Love it so far!

Let me know in the comments if you stick to routines or you like to do everything on the fly? I used to love being spontaneous, but I think I sit somewhere in the middle now.

Welcome back to Grateful Bytes. 👾 This is a byte sized post of things I’m grateful for throughout the week in a bid to be more mindful. I hope it inspires you to think about your own highlights of the week, whether you share it in the comments or jot it down in a journal.

  • Going at my own speed.
  • Mind clearing morning walks.
  • Practicing Yoga with Adriene for the first time in ages. The Yoga Boost standing practice was exactly what I needed. I’ll be sticking to the simple stuff but it felt so good after just a short practice.
  • Physical books. I’ve reduced my screen time before bed and enjoying the feel of a real book before bed and that sleepy feeling as I turn the pages. I’m also reading in the morning which is new to me.
  • Dirty Dancing solo dance party 💃 so much fun haha
  • Enjoying a sleep in and feeling well rested. Trying to do this only when needed lol. Bed so cozy!
  • Embracing a morning routine of tea and mindfulness
  • A very sweet Valentine’s Day with my love, here’s to 200 more. ❤️

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 💕

✨ What are you grateful for this week? ✨