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Roger and Gallet Green Tea Body Lotion Review

My Mother-in-Law gave me this bottle of Roger & Gallet Green Tea Body Lotion as a gift. I’d never heard of this brand before but on the back of the bottle it does say L’Oreal so this already gives me a sense of security that this will be a nice product.

Roger & Gallet Green Tea Body Lotion

The bottle is very posh looking, not to mention a lovely mint green colour. The description on the back claims there are 95% natural ingredients in the body lotion which should leave skin ‘velvety and subtly fragranced’.

After applying it on both arms (it comes out a milky colour), I can tell it’s just soaking into my skin like a dream. It does say on the packaging melt-in body lotion and that’s what it appears to do.

5 minutes later my arms are a little tacky but not greasy and feeling very hydrated and smell yummy. I kind of feel like a cup of tea now! 🙂 The added passiflora, cereals, apricot and shea butter compliment the green tea smell. I can see this being a good lotion to use right out of the shower, especially before bed so the lotion can really sink in and get to work.

1 hour later my arms are feeling and looking smooth and is that a hint of shimmer I see? YES! Ok, I’m now obsessed with this product, did I mention I adore green tea?!

Have you tried any Roger & Gallet products before? Which other Green Tea products would you recommend for me to try?