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Geek Life Lately 15

Yikes! This week went by so quickly, which means it’s time for another Geek Life Lately.

RIP Twitter?

We have some juicy bits of news in the social media world this week.

#RIPTwitter was trending this week when the rumour mill spilled that Twitter newsfeeds may be dropping the chronological style and a new Facebook type algorithm was being introduced. Part of the reason I use Twitter is because it’s ‘now’ and a much more fun place to hangout than Facebook.

Twitter for iPhone

Many Twitter users declared they would stop using the service if the newsfeed changes. It’s going to be very fun for blog promotion. Another reason not to put all your eggs in one basket guys. SEO is the way!


Instagram have been beta testing multiple account login with some users. This is great news if you are a Social Media Marketer or Community Manager, handling several accounts (like myself).

It’s so annoying having to log back in and out all the time to manage different brands. It’s also what I tweeted about some time ago. I guess I got my wish!


Strange as I’m typing this, this tweet showed up on my feed! Straight from the horses mouth guys! Starting this week, we will be able to switch between up to 5 Instagram accounts. Woohoo!


Another New FitBit

Wallets are still hot from pre-orders of the Fitbit Blaze smart watch and the fitness company have already announced another product to their growing line of activity trackers.

The Fitbit Alta is a sleeker looking option for those who want to combine style and fitness, without making it too obvious you are wearing it. This seems to be the next upgrade from the fitbit flex, new specs include Call, Text & Calendar Alerts and Tap Display.

A new series of accessory bands, including a really nice metal stainless steel band has been added to the line. Tory Burch is once again involved and will be designing an exclusive collection. What do you think about the new Fitbit Alta? This announcement has seriously made me reconsider the Fitbit Blaze, which I still have in my shopping cart. I really need to upgrade from the Flex.

Fitbit Alta is available for pre-order at Fitbit UK (£99.99) and Fitbit US ($129.95)

What do you think about the Instagram and Twitter news?

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