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Ring Fit Adventure Exertion River

Mission: Cross the river using your abs!

In this Ring Fit Adventure level the mission is to cross Exertion River by paddle board using the Abdominal Press and Twist movement.

After a fun day with the pups, I made a start on World 5 Dragaux Vs. the Four Masters. The first level Exertion River was definitely a challenge and used the Abdominal Twist and Press to move the paddle board to ride the waves. There’s a video below to show you how it works using the Ring.

Ring Fit Adventure Exertion River Gameplay

Exertion River

I was quite amused to see onions and tomatoes as ingredient pick ups on this level. Maybe I’ll be making a nice gazpacho at some point? 😅 Paddle boarding or stand up paddle is something that I would love to try, I just need to build up some upper body strength to pull myself up onto the board.

 I reached Level 27 and am only a few points away from 28. Here’s a breakdown of my workout:

Ring Fit Adventure Exertion River Stats
Ring Fit Adventure Exertion River Stats

After such a good workout yoga was much needed afterwards for a nice stretch. How did you get on with this level?

Thanks for reading / watching,
Vikki 💓