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Ring Fit Adventure Club

Need motivation to play Ring Fit Adventure?

Be honest, how many layers of dust are gathered on top of your poor Ring Fit Adventure hoop? I’ve shoved mine in a drawer it was getting that bad haha.

Ring Fit Adventure Club | Fitness Gaming Motivation
Shocked at the amount of dust on my Ring Fit hoop tbh lol

But honestly, I was browsing Twitter and noticed how many of my friends had the game but were struggling with motivation, so in a wave of spontaneity, I created the Ring Fit Adventure Club!

If you are having an ‘off day’ you can still join in by browsing the hashtag #RingFitAdventureClub on Twitter, share supportive GIFS, likes and Retweets to the other club members.

The rules are simple:

  • The first rule of Ring Fit Adventure Club is you DO talk about Ring Fit Adventure Club (Fight Club reference anyone? 😂)
  • Resets at the start of each month.
  • Set an intention for the challenge, this can be private or you can share it with us
  • Follow me @Cuteek on Twitter
  • Grab your dusty Ring Fit Adventure
  • Tweet using the hashtag #RingFitAdventureClub and #FitnessGaming when you complete a workout
  • Encourage others using the # with supportive GIFS, likes and Retweets
  • Have fun!
Ring Fit Adventure Club Logo
The official #RingFitAdventureClub Badge

The idea is to have a positive fitness gaming community where we don’t feel guilty about taking a day off, have fun, improve our health and cheer each other on.

Anyone can join as long as you obviously have the Ring Fit Adventure game for the Nintendo Switch.

If you are taking part in any other Ring Fit Adventure challenges or plans, that’s fine you can just add the hashtag on.

This is all about consistency and motivation. It doesn’t matter how long you play, if you level up or not and you can play the main game or mini games. Just turn up. Let’s build that habit!

30 Day Fitness Gaming Challenge

After the first few months of the Ring Fit Adventure Club, I noticed people wanted to join in but playing other fitness games. This is how the 30 Day Fitness Gaming challenge came about which I created so people can join the motivation train while playing other games like Just Dance, Pokémon Go and VR games.

Latissimus Dorsi Challenge

Latissimus Dorsi Challenge: How many Ring-con pulls can you do?

I stopped playing Ring Fit Adventure in December 2020 after an episode of kidney stones and creating this fitness motivation club has really helped me, so I hope it helps you too!

Here’s hoping this inspires you, me and many others to join in, have fun, share screenshots and get healthy.

Let’s a go!!!