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Remote Decluttering + Getting Organized

Yikes, looks like I stepped away from blogging again didn’t I? To be fair this daily blogging is still very experimental and I have nothing to prove to anybody but myself, but there are many benefits of writing every day, so let’s keep going! 😜

Anyway my Mum just Whatsapped me asking about some stuff I’d left at her house over the years. The plan, soooo long ago was for me and E to work remotely for X amount of months of the year from England and so we left a basic wardrobe of essentials for both of us, with the intention of travelling light back and forth.

Well for reasons, that didn’t work out and it meant that we left a load of stuff at my parents house. During the last year my Mum has used the spare wardrobe as her pandemic pantry (small house) so there’s a bit of a mess.

Vacuum Packed Beanie Babies
poor vacuum packed Beanie Babies from the 90s aka squishy pets 😂

The only solution we had was to Marie Kondo remotely via a series of texts and photos. My Mum checked for damage to any clothes and I looked at each photo to see if anything Sparked Joy. Out of a ton of stuff, there was only one jacket that I wanted to keep, some old photos and we are still undecided on the 25 Beanie Babies who my mum referred to as Squishy Pets 😂 The rest will be donated or trashed.

Note: this isn’t my childhood home (they downsized) so we got rid of most of my stuff before I emigrated to The Canary Islands.

We’ve done this remote decluttering a few times over the years and to be honest since the apocalypse it was much easier to do seeing as next time we visit we will likely have to stay in a hotel. Things will be different I’m sure and we will want our things with us plus you know, we’re still very much wannabe minimalists.

I just thought I’d share this idea as I know many people for whatever reason like me, still can’t see their parents or family and this is fun way of doing a distance activity with them while freeing up some space.

Have you done any decluttering or organizing lately?

On This Day 2018

  • Watching
    • I’m about to watch Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows part 2 for the very first time and I am not ready! (I haven’t even read the book!!!) What am I supposed to do after this film? Pls send suggestions. Accio tissues ⚡️
    • Omg there’s a Green Lantern trailer at the start of this Blu-ray.
    • A few hours later: I’m an emotional wreck. Crushed! Can’t stop thinking about it.

On This Day 2016

  • Just dropped Rambo off at the vets for his knee surgery.
  • He’s a tough little cookie for his age and the surgery went well.

On This Day 2011

I used Sharpies on my synthetic hair extensions, but not recommended for real hair. 😜